Mom takes baby to store in November. When he sees it—we can’t get enough of his reactions

"I've been having a rough day and THIS just turned it right around!"
November 3, 2017 10:33 am Last Updated: November 3, 2017 9:08 pm

Come November 1st, the orange, black, and purple decorations are packed away and establishments across the country and nearly immediately decked out in holiday gear. Tinsel, lights, and festive colors adorn every store and suburb, and maybe year after year of knowing what to expect—it’s not so exciting anymore.

But for those witnessing the wonder of the winter season and holiday cheer for the first time—it is magic.

H. Law uploaded a video to Facebook, of mom shopping with baby, and it’s easy to see why it immediately went viral, racking up nearly 60,000 shares in just a couple of hours on a single page.

Watch the video yourself—it’s impossible to not smile while doing so.

Turn the sound on.

“I’ve been having a rough day and THIS just turned it right around! The wonder of Christmas and the innocence of childhood…there isn’t much better than that! 😍🎄☃️”

One commenter put it best: “The world through a child’s eyes…magical.”