When this dad opened up a ridiculous Instagram account, his daughter made sure to spread the word

December 7, 2017 1:48 pm Last Updated: December 9, 2017 6:35 pm

Traveling all over the world is one of the perks—and penalties—of being a pilot. It’s fun to visit new places, especially when you’re getting paid for it, but it means a lot of time spent away from home. Bill Young, from Dallas, knows this all too well.

Young’s job as a pilot has landed him in hotels all over the world. After spending so much time traveling from one hotel to the next, he started noticing how all of the hotels he visited had very different, and often weird, carpet patterns.

So he decided to start taking pictures of these carpets and document his findings on Instagram. At first, he just used his personal account, but then his wife suggested he make a separate profile dedicated to hotel carpets. This became @myhotelcarpet and its caption really says it all:


That caption has remained the same since Young first opened up the account in 2015. His account hosts a plethora of different carpet designs from all around the world, like this one from Fort Worth:

This one from Narita, Japan:

And this one from Long Beach, California:

In the two years since the account started,  Young gathered 83 followers. Yet Young’s 19-year-old daughter, Jill, thought her dad deserved better.

On November 25, Jill told her Twitter followers, “All I Want For Christmas is for my Dad’s hotel carpet Instagram to go viral, please help this happen.”

Within two days, he gained over 25,000 followers. The notifications were blowing up his phone, so he sent Jill these texts.

As of today, Young has over 623,000 followers, all enjoying posts like this:

#cosmopolitanlasvegas scary eye. #carpet #travel #itslookingatme

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And this:

Hallway #hotelcarpet in the Long Beach #Marriott. #cubes

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And this:

#HotelCarpet One last one from Cincinnati. Like this one, reminds me of spaghetti. #travel #photography

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Jill is very happy with the results. She tweeted, “My dad’s hotel carpet account has over 20k followers (!) and he’s officially cooler on the internet than I’ll ever be– I’m so proud.”

While Bill Young’s Instagram account might seem silly, the support coming from people all over the web certainly isn’t. With supportive comments coming from all around, myhotelcarpet proves that there’s plenty of heart behind a carpet’s art.

[via My Modern Met]