When this autistic teenager had a meltdown over a costume, police officers went above and beyond for him

July 21, 2017 2:17 pm Last Updated: July 21, 2017 2:17 pm


Sheryl Lynn Hillard’s teenage son, John, suffers from autism. Now a teenager, he, like others with his condition, can have problems with controlling their emotions, which can even cause them to have violent fits.

In one week, John’s outbursts caused him to be visited by six different police officers.

John  wanted a costume like the character of “Joe” from “Blue’s Clues” wore, but his mother was unable to get one.

However, the officers came up with another solution: if they could not purchase the shirt from the show, they would simply have to make one!

Didn’t we all want to be the guy on ‘Blue’s Clues?’

“In the last week I’ve had 6 police officers in my home because my sons meltdowns turned to rage. With so much negativity shown towards law enforcement lately, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show my appreciation for the empathy these officers had for my son.”

“They showed up not knowing much about autism but they listened and learned while they kept us all safe.”

“They also asked ALOT of questions so they wouldn’t do the wrong thing. The meltdown today was because John wants to dress like Joe on Blues Clues but I can’t find that same shirt anywhere.”


“After calming him down, the officers went and bought a blue shirt and with Jenn’s fabric markers they attempted to create the shirt John wants. That’s what this pic is, 3 officers going above and beyond to help a severely autistic teenage boy! Sadly, it didn’t work, but the fact that they were willing to do this for my son made them hero’s in my eyes,” John’s mother admitted, according to Newsner.

Unfortunately, while the shirt the officers made didn’t do the trick, when the story became more well-known, Cutting Edge Designs decided to make a shirt for him instead.

Take a look for yourself!