When pregnant wife got sick, husband had a vision of unborn son—weeks later, prediction came true

November 27, 2017 4:51 pm Last Updated: December 3, 2017 4:20 am

Have you ever heard people say that God works in mysterious ways? Well, Terri and Don Bigelow had a firsthand experience that could only be explained as supernatural.

As soon as they tied the knot, Terri conceived and she was on her way to motherhood. A visit to the doctor revealed that she was carrying twins. This was exciting news for both her and her husband. Her greatest desire had come to pass—and it came as a double blessing.

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However, things did not go as smoothly as they had anticipated. Terri would soon start to be sick day after day, from morning till night.

As much as the couple wanted to be optimistic, they started sensing that something was not right.

This was soon to be revealed to them by their unborn son through a vision. As Don was sleeping one night, he saw a light coming down from the hallway. This light kept coming until it got near him and he saw that it was a young man with red hair.

This youth called him and said, “Dad we have discussed with my sister that it is better for her to come before me for the sake of our mother’s health. I will be joining her much later.”

This came as a surprise considering he had never had a vision before and it seemed bizarre to him, so he woke up his wife and narrated to her the events of his vision.

A few days later Terri went to the doctor for her normal check up not knowing she was about to receive bad news.

The doctor told her that she had lost one of the babies but the remaining one was safe and looked healthy and stable. Saddened by the turn of events, the couple felt that somehow they had been prepared for the twist by the vision of their son. Now that that a part of the vision had been fulfilled, they were sure things would work out just fine and they would receive the gift of a baby girl at the end of the pregnancy even though she was not in the best of health.

True to it, Terri gave birth to a baby girl on Oct. 25, 1989.

She looked like the boy Don had seen in the vision—especially the red hair on her head. Steadily she grew into an active, healthy child under the care of her parents.

Almost a year after their daughter was born, Terri conceived again.

They were so certain that it would be a boy that they right away told their daughter, Jennifer, to prepare to receive a brother.

This time Terri’s pregnancy progressed without any complications and on the delivery day, an excited Jenny was at the hospital to welcome her sibling, Douglas. The first thing that was striking to the Bigelow family was the boy’s red hair. As Douglas grew older, he began to look like his sister.

One would think that they were twins if he didn’t know anything about them.

Jennifer grew fond of her brother and this caused their parents to move her into the nursery so she could spend more time with him. As fate would have it, they became alike in appearance, personality, and thinking. The couple had another child several years later who looked nothing like the first two. Everything from his hair to the color of his eyes was unlike Jennifer and Doug’s.

As a father, Don feels fulfilled and lucky while his wife strongly believes that their son, Doug, was definitely meant to be in their lives however long it would have taken him to arrive.

Don and Terri are grateful for their family and they say that this event reassured them that there is someone bigger watching over them.

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