When officer found homeless man, he had strange request. 6mo later, he realizes what happened after

November 11, 2017 6:55 pm Last Updated: November 12, 2017 10:36 am

Losing our dear ones can have a great toll on us. Sometimes we tend to sink into depression or engage in other activities that may help numb our feelings of loss. But, on the verge of giving up, something or someone comes along and reminds us of who were are. This is the case for a homeless man in South Carolina named Robert Morris.

The man had experienced many losses including loss of family members including himself too. However, an encounter with the Deputy Sheriff of the area on one night changed his life completely.

It all started on one night in 2014 when Deputy Sheriff Matt Holman of Greenville County, South Carolina, was taking patrol along Buncombe Road at around 2:30 a.m.

He shined his spotlight on a man who was walking around soaking wet.

Holman was concerned about the man’s condition, so he pulled over and asked him a few questions. They, however, ended up walking together to the nearby church where Holman would learn about the homeless man’s miseries.

During their conversation, Deputy Holman realized that Morris had lost his mother and father and his sister followed shortly. After the sister’s loss, Robert began using drugs and alcohol, but it did not take long before addiction crept in. This led to strained relationships between him and his siblings, and before he knew it, he was sleeping in a tent in the woods. However, his stay in a tent didn’t last long since it washed away in a flood leaving him homeless.

Deputy Holman was short of words after listening to Morris’s story, and so he asked him what he needed.

After buying the man a plate of food, the Morris had an unusual request.

That’s when he seized his wish of ever owning a Bible, and he said he needed one. The homeless man had previously visited a church while he was living in a tent with the hope of finding a Bible, but unfortunately, he could not get one. Deputy Holman always kept two or three Bibles in his patrol car—but as he checked in his trunk, he just so happened to have none left. All he had was his personal, notated volume in his car.

Now that put him in a bargaining point where he wrestled with the idea of giving out his only Bible with highlighted scriptures.

However, the police officer says he felt like God was telling him “he needs this more than you do” and that’s when he handed it to Morris.

Deputy Holman had also contacted various shelters in the area, but they were all full. This left him with nothing but an apology to the homeless man for not finding a shelter for him.

Six months later, the police department got a call from someone who had an encounter with a deputy.

“My name is Robert Morris, and I was stopped by a deputy,” he told the operator. “We sat down and we had a long talk and he was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. That time in my life, I was really messed up on drugs and alcohol.”

Deputy Holman received a voicemail from Morris thanking for his kindness and generosity.

Robert Morris went further to state that their encounter on that night made a powerful impact in his life since he left the streets, checked into a mental health institution, and reconciled with his siblings. Morris did not stop at that since he also called the Sheriff’s Office in Greenville County and narrated his encounter with Deputy Holman. Unfortunately, Robert Morris passed on unexpectedly on March 18, 2015, but before his passing, he wrote a letter to Holman thanking him for his selflessness.

This story of how a deputy helped a homeless man turn his life around serves as a perfect display of love and kindness. Mr. Holman could have ignored Morris on the streets, but he chose to pull over and listen to his woes.

Remember our brothers and sisters on the streets are not our enemies, they are our friends who might have had it rough in life. They sometimes need a little kindness to stand up on their feet, and we should be willing to help with that.

Watch Deputy Holman tell his story below: