When a young boy loses his bear while traveling, one airport goes all out documenting the stuffed animals return.

July 28, 2017 11:56 am Last Updated: July 28, 2017 11:56 am


The airport is maybe one of the worst places on Earth. Sometimes, it is almost as if the airport exists to make an already stressful situation worse. They lose luggage, delay flights, and then make you sit for hours in a terminal full of overpriced food and souvenirs. Terrible, terrible places.

But one airport made a convincing attempt to redeem itself. When one boy lost his best friend, not only did they return it, but they went all out documenting its journey back home.

Four-year-old Luke lost his best friend, Teddy Bear.


Four-year-old Luke loves his stuffed animal, Teddy Bear. They were inseparable. That is, until, they realized Teddy was missing.

On Saturday, Luke and Teddy were with Luke’s grandparents, returning from a trip from Colorado back home to Texas. It had been a long trip home, and the family was pretty drained from the traveling.

When they arrived in Dallas, though, they realized something was missing—Teddy was nowhere to be found.

Luke’s grandmother then made a choice few would make: She went back to the airport to find him.

Yet, they had no luck. Teddy was nowhere to be found, and Luke was confronted with the possibility of never seeing his friend again.

We have all heard stories about missing luggage. Airlines are notorious for losing stuff. The story could have ended here and solidified our hatred of airports forever.

Instead, Luke’s father, Tim Wofford, tried one more time to find his son’s best friend. He turned to Twitter.

Of course, people started to post messages of support for the family. Standard anonymous compassion is all the rage on the internet these days.

But then the message reached Dallas Lovefield Airport, who had a surprise planned for little Luke.

“I was celebrating in my office,” Nikki said according to Inspiremore. “I was trying not to break down, because I had to go back out and work.”

They had found Teddy. Not only that, but they were determined to return the bear to the young boy. But not before sending him on an epic journey.

Teddy was put on a plane bound for Dallas, and each step of his journey was recorded.

He visited the tarmac.


He said hello to the pilots.


The little bear even went through security.


Finally, though, after five days the bear was reunited with little Luke.


I guess airports are not so terrible after all.