When a little boy develops a debilitating disorder, a real-life Spiderman helps him fight back

November 20, 2017 2:46 pm Last Updated: November 21, 2017 12:12 pm

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world operated like a comic book? Every bad thing that happens could be traced back to one of a handful of evil masterminds, and once they’re stopped, the problem is solved and everyone can go on living a happy life. Sadly, the world doesn’t work like that, and 4-year-old Colt Cosper knows that first-hand.

He’s battling a great evil right now—an evil unlike Magneto, Venom, or The Joker, one that cannot be beaten with a fist to the face. Colt’s evil isn’t out making a big show of itself, robbing banks or destroying buildings, it’s staying right where it is: inside his body.

This evil is a disease known as Doose syndrome, and it’s a rare form of epilepsy threatening to destroy Colt’s life. He was diagnosed with this terrible illness just a few days after his third birthday. Since then, he’s had to stay in the hospital for weeks at a time.

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“It’s been really scary,” Colt’s mother, Mandy Cosper, told KCCI Des Moines. “We’ve seen him stop breathing. We’ve seen doctors put a lot of doses of heavy medication into him to try to get the seizures to stop.”

Doose syndrome is serious business—with Colt suffering as many as 50 seizures per day!

“When you have seizures, it could take one seizure to take somebody’s life away, and that’s what I’m always thinking about,” the mother continued.

Keep my little guy in your prayers. He went by ambulance again today, and is being admitted into the hospital.

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Colt and Mandy have spent a lot of time discussing who should come to visit the hospital. For Colt, there was an obvious answer: Spider-Man. He’s a huge fan of the hero, with Spider-Man toys and books all over his room.

Mandy didn’t want to make any promises that she couldn’t keep, but Colt was insistent about seeing the world-famous web-slinger. So, she turned to a group called The Iowa League of Heroes for help.

The Iowa League of Heroes was started in 2004 and contains actors playing such heroes as Batman, Captain America, and Black Widow. Their mission is to support sick children by bringing their favorite superheroes by to visit. So, of course their Spiderman agreed to pay little Colt a visit.

“Spider-Man came in and he was real calm and talked with him for a few minutes, really got to know Colt and spend time with Colt,” Cosper said.

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This wasn’t Spider-Man’s only visit, however.  He kept showing up—over and over again. He’d play with Colt for hours at a time, and the two became very close friends. Spidey has repeatedly taken time out of his day just to visit with Colt, which meant a lot to his mother.

“He has his own family, and he takes time away from his family and things that he’s doing for Colt,” she said. “I could never thank him enough.”

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Colt has a lot of respect for Spider-Man, but the feeling is mutual.

“We fight bad guys every day,” said Spider-Man. “But he fights that epilepsy with the same amount of bravery and courage, and so Colt is every bit as much a superhero to us.”

Keep fighting on, Colt, and hopefully soon you’ll put an end Doose Syndrome’s dastardly schemes once and for all!

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