Whale starts pushing diver out of the water—but it’s actually protecting her from deadly predator

June 19, 2018 10:09 pm Last Updated: June 19, 2018 10:09 pm

An ocean diver captures an exhilarating yet alarming experience on camera and benefits from the kind and protective intervention of a threatened beast of the deep.

The footage captured of a massive humpback whale is incredible, as the biologist swims up and touches the nose of the gigantic beast. Rarely is such up and personal footage ever captured of this astounding marine mammal. And it’s shockingly more beautiful than one could imagine, as you can see from the clip!

Yet danger is lurking nearby the divers.

Tiger sharks, on the other hand, are famous for being one of the few species of shark that attack humans on a regular basis, and there just so happens to be one swimming nearby. Then, the personal encounter between the whale and the diver seems to get even closer …

The whale, miraculously, appears to put itself between the sea predator and the scientist, even lifting her right out of the water, to her elation, away from the shark’s senses.

As the diver returns to the boat, she warns her fellow divers of the peril lurking below the surface.

But watch as the whale then gives a final farewell, and hear the scientist’s heartfelt reply, expressing the joy of the absolutely incredible experience.

Adult humpback whales can grow to an average weight of 39 tons and a length of 50 feet. These remarkable creatures rarely if ever pose any threat to humans.

The video was captured by whale biologist, Nan Hauser. She believes the whale protected her and demonstrated a kindness and concern never before captured on video.

 Source: ©Screenshot | Caters