Airline customers tell airport Santa what they want for Christmas, when they reach their destination they’re in shock

January 4, 2018 1:08 pm Last Updated: January 5, 2018 6:35 am

WestJet, Canada’s low-cost airline, is known for spreading a little holiday cheer during Christmastime. Previously they’ve helped perform 12,000 mini miracles, celebrated the 12 flights, er, days of Christmas, and surprised customers with a holiday-themed flash mob. But one Christmas miracle stands out from all of the rest.

Warning: we are not responsible for any tears shed while watching this video below.

Before the customers of two flights, one from Toronto Pearson International and one from John C. Munro Hamilton International, arrived at their respective airports, employees set up a mysterious present near their gates.

Guests were encouraged to scan their boarding pass at the extra large present. Once they did, they were treated to a surprise, Santa!

Customers got to speak live with Santa.

The customers interacted with Santa, who was set up off-site, and yes, he really was speaking with everyone.

Santa asked everyone what they would like for Christmas.

People asked for everything from a Thomas the Tank Engine train to socks and underwear. Little did they know that Santa’s elves were taking notes and working very hard to fulfill everyone’s wishes.

WestJet employees raced to the stores to make everyone’s Christmas wish come true.

As the customers boarded their flights and headed off to their destinations WestJet employees got busy.

They raced around multiple stores, picking up everything that the WestJet customers told Santa they would like for Christmas. Then they brought all their packages back to their makeshift toyshop to begin wrapping.

They wrapped all the presents and finished just in time.

As the customers arrived at their destination they still didn’t have a clue about the surprise waiting for them at the baggage claim.

Suddenly the alarm sounded and fake snow started to fall. Instead of suitcases making their way onto the carousel, presents addressed to every one of the customers came down.

Everyone found a gift addressed to them.

Each person was just as shocked as the last. No one could believe what was happening and they certainly couldn’t believe they had been gifted exactly what they told Santa just a few hours earlier.

Everyone received exactly what they asked Santa for.

Yes, even the man who asked for socks and underwear.

The baggage claim was filled with tears, laughter, and a lot of smiles.

It was truly a Christmas miracle.