First time mother’s blog post will have you rethinking the “warnings” we give expecting mothers

July 21, 2017 10:48 am Last Updated: July 21, 2017 10:48 am


When you are about to experience something for the first time it’s not uncommon for people, who have already gone through the same thing, to warn you. Most of the times their warning are welcome. Who wouldn’t want to be warned about a long recovery time after surgery? But often times these warnings focus on the negatives. Why can’t someone warn you that even though the recovery time is long you will feel like a completely new person after?

One life experience that many are quick to offer advice and warnings about is pregnancy and the postpartum life. In a post she shared on her blog, Born to be a Bride, Jenny Studenroth Gerson talked about the types of warning she wishes she would have received during her first pregnancy.

Like many expecting mothers Gerson was “warned” about motherhood.

(Source: Facebook/Jenny Gerson)

Geron wrote in her blog that she received warnings almost everywhere she went, which led to what she called a terrifying pregnancy. She was warned about everything from labor to saying goodbye to the person she used to be to enjoying her husband now because once the baby comes there won’t be anymore alone time.

“There were times I felt like a prisoner on death row, trying to force myself to enjoy some tiny luxury despite my size and discomfort,” she wrote. “Because if you asked around, apparently my petty joys would be ending pretty soon!”

She was warned that her body would never be the same.

(Source: Facebook/Jenny Gerson)

Despite all the warnings, which for some would be enough not to start a family, Gerson said that even though it “made me feel like the end of the world was coming,” everyone failed to warn her about the other things that would happen when she became a mother for the first time.

No one told her that even though childbirth could be long and extremely difficult, the moment she saw her baby her “heart would burst out of my chest and shatter onto the floor.”

But what they didn’t warn her about was the amount of love she’d feel for her newborn.

(Source: Facebook/Jenny Gerson)

Sure, there would be days that Gerson would be extremely tired and wishing her baby would fall asleep, even if just for a minute so she could have a cat nap, but the exhaustion was worth it.

“They should’ve warned me that despite the exhaustion, waking up to tenderly care for her needs would be the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” Gerson wrote.

So often when we “warn” others we point out the negatives, but Gerson’s post reminds us there are many other things we should be “warning” people about—the chance that whatever experience you’re going through will change you for the better.

“They should’ve warned me that my life was about to become so rich and beautiful and fulfilling.”

(Source: Facebook/Jenny Gerson)

You can read Gerson’s post in its entirety here.