Waitress greeted young couple, but then her simple question broke their hearts

September 12, 2017 6:47 pm Last Updated: October 20, 2017 6:25 pm

Kayla Lane is a waitress at the West Side Cafe, and one of the things she loves best is greeting all the beautiful babies the young couples bring in. Each one just lights up Kayla’s eyes, and brightens her day.

There was a regular couple who would come into the diner, and one day Kayla saw them with a beautiful newborn girl.

Her name was Glory, and there was no way Kayla would forget a beautiful baby like that.

But then the couple turned up to the diner a few weeks later, and when Kayla greeted them, she asked, “Didn’t y’all have a baby last time you came in here?”

And they just fell silent. The couple turned to look at each other, and Kayla knew she had just made a huge mistake.

“I’m thinking, oh my goodness,” Kayla said.

Shaun and Debbie Riddle turned back to Kayla and decided to tell her the truth. Baby Glory had passed away.

“She went to sleep and never woke up. That day still seems like a horrible nightmare,” Debbie told TODAY Parents.

Kayla covered her mouth, apologetic. “Oh my goodness, I didn’t know what to say.”

The grief-stricken parents were heartbroken that Glory had died, but this reminder that, young as she was, she had touched others’ hearts, did help.

“We’re all part of a family, and that’s our job, to pick up our brothers and sisters,” Shaun said. He and Debbie talked to Kayla, and showed her all the pictures they had of Glory

They thanked Kayla for remembering Glory, and Kayla was incredibly touched.

“I could feel their pain, I could see it,” Kayla said.

Instead of a check, when Kayla came back around at the end of her meal, she had a little note for them.

“Your ticket has been paid for. We are terribly sorry for your loss,” it read. She told them it was on the house, though she had really paid for the meal herself.

The gesture warmed the couple’s hearts so they shared it on Facebook. They didn’t expect it to get thousands and thousands of reactions by the time they checked their pages again.

“It just means so much, because our daughter’s gone, and yet, I guess she kind of has a legacy now, and is helping other people,” Debbie said.

“Talking about Glory is so helpful. It keeps her memory alive,” Debbie said. “I read and posted a quote on my Facebook page recently that says, ‘If you mention my child’s name, I may cry. But if you don’t mention it, you will break my heart.’”