Waiter & regular had been doing it for years, thinks it’s no big deal—until another customer sees it

January 17, 2018 12:06 pm Last Updated: January 17, 2018 12:06 pm

When Keshia Dotson witnessed an act of kindness at an IHOP in Springfield, Illinois, she knew she had to capture the moment and share it with IHOP’s corporate offices.

What she captured was a moment between Joe Thomas, a waiter at IHOP, and two of his regular customers.

Thomas has been working at IHOP for over a decade.

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For at least five years, a couple, who Thomas refers to as Dale and Ma, have been coming into the Springfield IHOP every Saturday.

Over the years Thomas has observed how when they get their food, Dale would usually help his wife with her food as his sat and got cold. One day Thomas decided to step in and help.

He’s been doing it ever since.

For several years he’s been assisting one of his regular customers.

Today while visiting your Springfield, IL location on Dirksen I witnessed a very touching moment involving one of your…

Posted by Keshia Dotson on Saturday, March 25, 2017

The photo Dotson snapped of Thomas was just one out of many times that Thomas lent a hand. And it’s not unusual behavior for Thomas.

“I have always helped out people regardless of whoever, whatever,” Thomas told TODAY Food.

Before working at IHOP Thomas took care of his mother who lived with diabetes, and he worked with cognitively and developmentally disabled individuals as a rehab technician.

After Dotson shared a photo of him helping Dale and Ma, he received recognition for his work.

(WGN9 News/Screenshot)

Thomas was happy about his act of kindness going viral, but also didn’t want to attract too much attention.

“It felt good, but at the same time I was like I really don’t care for the recognition too much because it’s just something that should automatically be done regardless,” he told WICS.

“I am out there to help anyone if I can, don’t really look for anything in return, just have a good day and that’s it.”

In addition to receiving recognition from the local franchisee and the corporate offices, Thomas also received a job offer in nursing. Even though Thomas said he’d love to return to work as a rehab technician, he wasn’t sure if he’d accept his most recent offer.