Volunteer rescuer saves dog from massive floodwaters and then forms an amazing bond with her

He wants to keep her
July 17, 2018 10:23 am Last Updated: July 17, 2018 10:23 am

The heartbreaking sight of a dog struggling in Houston floodwaters may have led to something incredible. After the pup was rescued, she formed a bond with her rescuer—and fate may have put them together for a reason.

This past Fourth of July wasn’t all barbecues and fireworks for the people of Houston, who experienced heavy rainfall and flooding up to two feet in several areas.

During the storm, a news crew at KHOU 11 witnessed a dog paddling through a flooded feeder road and posted the footage on Facebook.

Poor pup paddling through flooded water on US 59 service road

UPDATE: We now know that the dog made it out safely. The dog was able to swim to higher ground and a good Samaritan picked him/her up.————————————–This poor puppy paddled through the flooded feeder road at US 59 and Shepherd. 🐕

Posted by KHOU 11 News on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Later, a man named Taylor Fontenot commented on the video, ensuring that the dog made it to safety—because he was the one who rescued her.

“I just pulled the truck into the water, hopped out, put my jacket around her and kind of got her buoyant,” Fontenot later told KHOU. “I picked her up, put her in my truck, and took her home.”

Saving animals—or people—is nothing new for Fontenot, who is the Texas Captain of America’s Cajun Navy, who were instrumental in saving citizens during Hurricane Harvey.

“We had over 35 thousand civilian rescues over 10 days,” he said.

Screenshot via KHOU 11

While he’s helped save countless victims, there was something special about this canine, who he formed a bond with while she was in his care after the rescue.

“She’s just kind of been running around and being a really good dog,” Fontenot said.

And the pooch came into his life at a seemingly fateful time: just days after he lost his 5-year-old dog Buster to cancer.

The dog appears to be a stray. But after this whole ordeal, she might just end up in a good home.

“I’m going to see how she does on a boat, and if she does well, I might have to keep her,” Fontenot said.

At last reporting, Fontenot was bringing the dog to the vet, but if everything works out he plans to adopt her for good.

Screenshot via KHOU 11

It’s been an arduous ordeal for this poor dog, but thanks to this good Samaritan she might just have a happy ending after all.