Viral video showcases 40 ton whale leaping entirely in the air off the coast of South Africa

July 21, 2017 12:20 pm Last Updated: July 21, 2017 12:20 pm


Have you ever seen a whale fly?

Of course, that is not biologically possible, but we have the next best thing: A whale leaping entirely out of the water in this viral video!

A scuba diver named Craig Capehart filmed the leviathan, which is believed to be a 40-ton adult humpback whale, in the air while off the coast of Mbotyi in southeastern South Africa.

It is believed the action occurred earlier this month, but the video was also released as early as this past Thursday.

Reportedly, Capehart was with three other divers on an inflatable motorboat while looking for sardines when it happened.

They had been looking for sardines in the hopes they would draw out a whale—and they were right by the looks of things.

“It seems that never before has a recording been made of an adult humpback whale leaping entirely out of the water!”

“Dolphins and even great white sharks have been seen flying out of the water, but this is a first for an adult humpback whale,” Capehart added in the video’s description, according to The Huffington Post, although with the stipulation that this has not been confirmed.