Villagers in Indonesia rush to save an infant discarded in a septic tank

August 10, 2017 4:57 pm Last Updated: August 10, 2017 4:57 pm

There may be nothing more chilling than hearing the cries of a baby in a place where it is not expected. Earlier this week, Indonesian villagers experienced that same heart-stopping feeling when they approached an empty house in West Java province and heard an infant crying.

There was no one around, and to their horror, the baby was not even in the home; it was buried alive in piles of trash in an abandoned septic tank.

Villagers were shocked by their discovery.


When residents of the village of Gantar made the grisly discovery, they quickly began the process of removing the refuse from over the baby. During their delicate work, in which they removed wood, rocks, and dirt, they found a ragged blanket covering the discarded, naked infant. The child had also sustained a cut to his head.

Their next discovery proved to be just as horrific: the child’s rotting placenta was found nearby, suggesting the baby boy was born recently.

“There were tears,” said one villager according to the Daily Mail. “I along with other residents went into grounds of the empty house and it is true, there was a baby without any shawls or clothes.”

They quickly got the baby out of the septic tank and tried to find help.


The shocked villagers then brought the child to a local midwife who sent the baby to a nearby hospital, where he is now recovering.

Later, the villagers also called the police, who searched the house and the grounds, but found no sign of anyone living there. However, they are planning to do a DNA test on the child in the hopes of locating its mother.

“The main thing, the baby survived and they were taken to intensive care and are being treated in hospital,” Indramayu Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Fajarudin Arif said according to Daily Mail. “As soon as we follow up the findings of the investigation into this baby, we will surely find the parents.”

One of the main causes of child abandonment is extreme poverty. In some causes, the parents feel such extreme financial pressure that they think they have no choice but to abandon their babies. It is still unclear why this child’s parents left their baby for dead, but we are just thankful that he was found in time.

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Watch the rescue video below:

It really does take a village to raise a child doesn’t it? Or in this case, rescue.

Good neighbors are found all around the world. In Arizona, a neighbor asked to save a child ended up saving a mother’s life.

Boy shows up to neighbors house, says “my mom died in the shower, can you take care of us?”

Blood is thicker than water. Or is it? When one young boy’s mother collapsed, seemingly dead, he wrapped up his sister in a blanket and went to his neighbors. He knew they needed help, but not exactly in the way you would expect.

Earlier this year, Arizona-resident Kaitlyn Cicalese put her kids, 5-year-old Salvatore, and his two-month old sister to bed after a long, tiring day. She then went to the bathroom to wash before bed—the next thing she knew, she was in the hospital.

Salvatore’s mom had a seizure in the shower and collapsed—when Salvatore discovered her, he thought she was dead.


I turned on the shower, that’s all I remember,” Cicalese said according to ABC15.

Cicalese had a seizure, and collapsed.

Salvator must have heard his mother fall, because he entered the bathroom soon after. He believed her to be dead.

The quick thinking little 5-year-old knew he had to act fast.  

He grabbed a blanket, and wrapped up his little sister. He then walked through his garage, and opened the door. He made a beeline for his neighbor’s house—he needed to get help.

“He’s standing there and holding something and I thought it was a doll,” Jessica Penoyer, the Cicalese’s neighbor, told ABC15.

He took his sister to get help—but not exactly in the way you would think.


“He said no, my mom died in the shower,” Pennoyer said according to ABC15. “Can you take care of us?”

Confused and concerned, she took the two children into her home and called 911. She relayed the story to police who rushed to the scene.

Except Cicalese, as police soon discovered, was not dead just unconscious. Thankfully, firefighters and paramedics who arrived on the scene later were able to revive her. She is now in fine health.

Despite the boy’s strange way of handling the situation, Cicalese is still grateful that her son acted so quickly.

His mother turned out to be fine, and grateful that her son had the quick-thinking necessary to look after his sister.


“Honestly he saved my life,” Cicalese said according to ABC15. “I was under the faucet. If he wouldn’t have gotten help, I would have drowned.”

For his quick-thinking and cool under pressure, Salvatore was honored by the local fire department who came to rescue his mom.

Watch Salvatore’s heroic story below: