Video of homemade maze for cats delights and entertains millions of internet users

October 19, 2017 7:40 pm Last Updated: October 20, 2017 3:50 pm

There’s an important holiday coming up at the end of the month—but it’s not Halloween. “National Cat Day” falls on October 29th, and while it’s certainly not as popular as certain other Fall holidays, cat fans across the country take it very seriously.

Not the least of whom is Chris Poole, an absolute cat fanatic who runs a Youtube channel for his felines, Cole and Marmalade. We can’t help but wonder what sort of shenanigans he’ll pull on the 29th—especially after his celebration of International Cat Day (because one cat day is not enough) in August.

Poole made a video for International Cat Day of a homemade maze made out of boxes, created specifically for his cats to play in and enjoy.

Using 50 cardboard boxes, Poole created an intricate maze for his pets. Little holes were cut in each box so that the cats can slowly work their way through the maze—but a lot of the boxes were also open on the top.

Should Cole and Marmalade tire of entering and exiting small holes, they have the option to jump from box to box instead.

Treats are also included along the way, so the furry friends are given the incentive to explore.

As cat owners know, cats adore playing in boxes—making the maze a truly ingenious plan!

It’s clear to everyone who has seen the video that Poole’s cats love him very much. Many viewers believe that he may be the best cat owner ever. Some have even asked if he’d be willing to adopt them, should they turn into cats, somehow.

Speaking of viewers, 3 million people tuned in to watch Poole’s video, and it’s only the 9th most popular video on the channel! With over 650,000 subscribers, Poole has really turned his love of cats into a career.

Poole holding Cole as a kitten (Facebook/Cole and Marmalade)

Now, in case you think that this whole box scheme was a little over the top, experts say that this type of play is extremely healthy for cats. From kittens to old-timers – cats are naturally inquisitive and playful – so it’s very important that they have plenty of activities to choose from.

When cats are given something interesting to do, they are far less likely to occupy themselves with destructive activities, such as sharpening their claws on your furniture.

Activities like the box maze can also help prevent cognitive dysfunction syndrome, a form of dementia in cats. We all know that dementia is a terrible illness for humans, but it can be just as debilitating for cats.

Not only was Poole’s maze a great spectacle, but it helped his cats to stay happy and healthy!