Van is completely crushed by 4 ton pipe after truck that was carrying it flips over

Thankfully, fellow drivers were able to quickly pull out the driver of the van from the wreckage
By Vanessa Rios, Epoch Times
July 10, 2018 4:54 pm Last Updated: July 10, 2018 4:56 pm

What would you do if you saw a horrible accident like this man was in? Would you keep driving, or would you stop and offer help?

Kathleen Mills from Orlando, Florida got to learn first hand what she would do in July of last year. She watched as Jesus Armando Escobar’s vehicle was smashed by a large pipe that weighs about four tons.

A truck had lost control and completely flipped over, and the pipe fell below onto Escobar’s van roof. His car was completely totaled and he was trapped and seriously injured, unable to get out or seek help.


That’s when Mills and a few others ran to Escobar’s immediate aid. The group saw the accident happen, parked their cars as close to the accident, and ran quickly to help. Mills was right behind the truck that lost control and flipped.

Quickly forming a team, Mills and a few others gently pulled Escobar from his van and offered him first aid. This was not easy though. The entire roof of his car was smashed in. He suffered a huge gash across the top of his head and was in great pain. It was a delicate situation.


Nearly moved to tears when recollecting the accident, and likely thinking about the road to recovery, he said his neck hurt, his head hurt, and he’s grateful to be alive. Mills and Escobar got to meet at a lawyer’s office and were interviewed by FoxNews.

Jesus Escobar told FoxNews he hardly remembers the accident, but he feels someone was protecting him. He believes God was watching him or a little angel.

Kathleen Mills was very emotional when recounting the horrific accident. Her empathy at another’s pain and crisis, allowed her to put everything else aside and run to help Jesus. She is still moved to near tears over it. It isn’t easy to see someone’s life hanging at the balance before you. But she and the others felt inspired to do all they could to get Escobar out and away from further danger.


She is very thankful he is okay and considers it a miracle that he survived the crash.