Uber driver looked in his backseat and found $700 in cash—not many people would do what he did

December 15, 2017 6:07 pm Last Updated: December 15, 2017 6:07 pm

Uber drivers are forced to work odd hours because of the nature of their job. People need rides at all times of the day, and those who work in the car service industry find that the quality of their service is directly proportional to their income.

Driving a car is the kind of job that may provide a comfortable living, but probably won’t make you rich. So when Ade Adeleye found a money clip in the backseat of his car last month, it wouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone if he decided to keep it.

Uber driver Ade Adeleye of Houston was driving Rogelio Garcia back to his office. Garcia got out of the car without realizing he’d dropped his money clip containing $700 in cash.

(Twitter/Rogelio Garcia)

While Adeleye was picking up and dropping off other passengers, Garcia was feverishly looking for his money.

“I went to every office in my building here, turned it inside out and then I decided my town home maybe I forgot it,” said Garcia, via AJC.com

It wasn’t until another passenger in Adeleye’s car found the money clip that he realized Garcia left it behind. Adeleye and the passenger counted the money inside of the clip together: $703.

Adeleye tried to think of who might have left the large sum of money, and then it dawned on him.

“The man with a distinctive cowboy hat.”

“I have your $700 and your really nice clip,” Adeleye told Garcia after reaching him by phone.

(Twitter/Rogelio Garcia)

Garcia was taken aback by Adeleye’s honesty and shared the exchange on his personal Twitter page.

“Immigrant from Nigeria (Uber driver) returns my lost money. Who says we need to exclude immigrants?” his tweet read.

But for Adeleye, returning the money isn’t anything worth fussing about.

“If I can return something as little as $10, why wouldn’t I return $700? It’s not mine,” he said.

When the two finally met in person to exchange the money, Garcia insisted that Adeleye accept a $100 reward. Adeleye refused.

(Twitter/Rogelio Garcia)

Garcia thanked the driver endlessly for his honesty. He insisted that Adeleye accept a reward for helping return his money clip and money.

Adeleye initially refused, but Garcia said there was no way he was going to let the driver refuse the reward.

“I said, ‘Listen. I need to give you $100.’ He didn’t really want to take it and I wasn’t going to let him leave without taking the $100,” Garcia said.

Adeleye says that people leave stuff in his car all the time. He never thinks twice about returning the item, and this time was no different.