Two-year-old doesn’t panic when she sees her father collapse — now they’re saying she saved his life

December 21, 2017 10:54 am Last Updated: December 21, 2017 10:54 am

Two-year-old kids are often a handful. Everyone’s heard of “the terrible twos.” Bursting with energy and curiosity, toddlers of this age require a lot of direct supervision.

But Cheneil Burton now knows that her two-year-old daughter Brooklie is not your average toddler.

Brooklie’s father Brian Burton often stays home to take care of his daughter. Aside from the occasional bump or scrape, there’s never been anything he couldn’t handle.

This time, though, it wasn’t Brian who was going to be coming to Brooklie’s rescue.

Brian has diabetes. He was alone in the house with his two-year-old daughter, Brooklie.


Brian and Cheneil’s older children know how to take care of their father in the event that his blood sugar dips too low. But as they would soon find out, so did Brooklie, the baby of the house.

Cheneil spoke with her husband on the phone shortly before 1 p.m. “He just seemed tired,” she told A few minutes later, she got a phone call from her daughter.

“Mommy, Daddy is sick. He’s not waking up,” Brooklie told her her mother. Cheneil immediately called her father-in-law to see if he could check on Brian.

When Brian passed out, Brooklie smartly called her mother and told her that “Daddy was sick.”


But Cheneil’s father-in-law couldn’t come by, and before she had a chance to call her daughter back, she received another call. It was again from Brooklie, and she was more panicked this time.

“My baby called me back again and said, ‘Mom come home, please help,’” Cheneil said. “It was definitely a difference in her voice that I knew something was wrong.”

Cheneil left work and raced home. When she arrived, her daughter was busy trying to take care of her father, who was passed out on the couch.

“My husband had been unconscious on the couch. My baby had her Dr. McStuffins kit out and she was trying to fix daddy with mommy’s stethoscope, blood pressure cup, and she had some Band-Aids.”

Cheneil is able to describe the scene with a chuckle now that the incident is behind her.

Cheneil arrived at home and couldn’t wake her husband, so she called 911.

(Facebook/Cheneil Burton)

Paramedics soon arrived and were able to quickly revive Brian.

“If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be here today,” Cheneil says in reflection. She isn’t sure if her daughter realizes just how much she did to save her fathers life.

“We do give her a lot of praise and tell her every day, thank you,” she said.

Brooklie was already very attached to her father before the incident occurred. But in the ensuing days, she has kept a particlulary close eye on him.


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