Two women who only met a month ago are calling each other sisters — but why is an inspiring story

January 9, 2018 10:09 am Last Updated: January 9, 2018 10:09 am

When people are needing a kidney donation, they often don’t know when or where it might come from. While there are those who recognize a life-or-death situation and willingly sign up to donate to a stranger in need, others only consider giving to a close family member or dear friend. Still others only plan to donate after a severe accident or illness takes their life. 

For those on the infamously long waiting list, it can be an emotionally wrenching experience. People often wait for years, while others may not even make it to see the day when a good match could be found.

Sarah Green-Moore and Renee Paige know what it’s like to wait for a kidney transplant.

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Both Ohio women had developed severe problems with their kidneys. Green-Moore was dealing with a case of chronic kidney disease, while Paige had lupus. In need of a transplant and faced with having to be put on the waiting list, the two were very worried about their futures.

“I was resigned to the fact that it might be three to five years,” Green-Moore shared with Action News Jax.

While the two women were on the transplant list and waiting for a kidney, they met and became friends at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. They both underwent dialysis last year at the same hospital—but they had no idea they were about to be brought even closer together.

An unnamed individual passed last month and had chosen to donate their organs.

Green-Moore and Paige were both going to be recipients from a single donor.

Receiving the news, both women were shocked to have their kidneys so soon, as they’d only been on the waiting list for a relatively short amount of time. Green-Moore had only been waiting since September, while Paige had been on the list for six months.

When the two women heard that they’d be getting kidneys from the same donor, they met in the waiting room and instantly bonded over their newfound shared connection.

“We’re connected, and it feels good because … I have siblings, but this is my sister that we are connected from the same person,” Paige explained.

The two women underwent their respective transplants and both were a success. Both women took time off to recover and spend time with their loved ones, but now are ready for whatever life has in store for them.

The operations were a success, and the two women now feel a close bond.

Given a new lease on life, Green-Moore and Paige are looking to the future, excited and grateful for the operation that saved both of their lives.

“It’s like we’ve been knowing each other forever and I love it. I just love it and I love her,” Green-Moore went on to share.

Kidney Sisters

WATCH: Sarah Green-Moore and Renee Paige share the bond of sisters. They are friends who just met last month. Life-threatening illness brought them together. Angela Ingram Local 12 News shares their touching story. STORY:

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