Friends out to get something to eat when they pull up behind car acting strange. Then they hear it

January 9, 2018 2:07 pm Last Updated: January 9, 2018 2:07 pm

Some people are just meant to be angels on earth. They may not be superheroes like Batman and Spiderman, but they are good Samaritans with the power of kindness. An elderly couple were lucky enough to come across two of these kinds of humans after facing a life-threatening situation.

Ray Armstead and Ryan Saba explained to CBS that they were just on their way to get something to eat last week in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, when they pulled up behind a couple in need of their help. The elderly couple in their 60s were trapped on the train tracks in between the railroad crossing arms during a heavy snowstorm.

The couple’s car had become hopelessly stuck in the snow, and they had no idea a train was rapidly approaching. Ryan said that “we couldn’t see it, but we could hear it.” The two men took immediate action to try to save the couple.


“We jumped out and tried pushing them out, ’cause they were stuck pretty bad, struggling, spinning out,” Ryan said.

However, the car was not moving, and Ray and Ryan knew there was no time to save it.

Ryan quickly pulled the husband out of the car, but Ray needed help with the woman in the passenger seat, who was struggling to get out and walk in the deep snow.

“We both picked her up and dragged her over to my truck [and] got her inside,” Ryan said. “That’s when the train hit.”


After Ray and Ryan rescued the couple and took cover, the train instantly smashed into the car.

“We all had to duck once the train came too,” Ray said.

The couple’s car was thrown 20 feet into an MBTA control shed, according to CBS, but fortunately, everyone was safe.

The quick thinking of the two young men had saved two precious lives, and the local police department called them “heroes.”

“We’re just glad that they’re alive and everybody’s okay,” Ryan said.