Twin toddlers throw after-lights party in the middle of the night

May 4, 2017 6:40 pm Last Updated: May 4, 2017 6:40 pm

A New York couple shared a video showing the hilarious night-time antics of their two year old twins.

If you’ve ever tried to put a wriggling toddler back to bed, you’ll know that they’re not easy to contain, but two year old twins Andrew and Ryan have mischief in mind when they hop out of their neighboring cribs.

The night-vision home monitoring system captures the cheeky pair as they hop out of their beds and sit on the sofa.

Before long they’ve gathered up every pillow in the room, raiding their cribs for bedding, and even throwing in a changing mat, to transform their room into a private “after-hours” soft play yard.

The cushions and bedding make an excellent crash mat.

After they’ve somersaulted, cuddled, jumped and played for a long time, parents Jonathan and Susana arrive and put them back into their beds.

The room is restored to order and the parents leave – but the party isn’t over yet, at least according to these two mischievous boys.

Team work pays off for this energetic pair.

Within seconds of their parents leaving, the twins have rounded up their pillow pile and start their gymnastics all over again. They move the pile to the other end of the room and jump in and out of the cribs, that are meant to keep them out of trouble. We hope you enjoy the silly antics of these two mischievous boys who should be sound asleep in bed, but decided to party instead.