Trucker stranded in the snow for 28 hours gets unexpected visitors bearing supplies and kindness

August 2, 2017 3:47 pm Last Updated: August 2, 2017 3:47 pm



Suddenly—horse! That was how one stranded Winnipeg trucker awoke after spending a night stuck on an icy highway. A local girl and her horse saw his predicament on a web-streaming camera and rode almost 2.5 miles in icy conditions just to give him a cup of coffee.

In March, Peter Douglas was driving on an icy highway in Winnipeg, Canada. He was attempting to cross the province, and despite the icy conditions he believed he could make the trip without any adventures. However, at around 4pm he started to have some trouble—his truck lost traction and started to lose control.

“With all my brakes on, I still started sliding backwards,” Douglas told CTV.

Eventually, he did manage to stop his truck, but there was no way he could safely operate the vehicle in these conditions. He was stranded.

He was stranded on an icy highway in Canada. Luckily his ordeal was broadcast on highway cameras

Luckily, he came to a stop near one of the highway’s many roadside cameras that also streamed video to the web. This meant that if people were watching, they would be able to find him. Soon enough messages from his family and boss flooded in through Facebook. The only thing he had left to do was wait for rescue.

Except, the freezing conditions meant that any rescue was going to take time. Also, there was nothing around for miles and it was freezing—he would need to stay cooped up in his truck until help arrived.

Yet someone was, in fact, watching


The next morning Douglas was in for a shock. You see, one of the locals was watching the footage.

18-year-old Eileen Eagle Bears had seen the camera footage and watched Douglas’ truck slip and then come to a halt. She resolved that, despite the danger, if he was still stranded the next morning she would make the almost 2.5 mile journey to bring the driver some supplies.

But she was not going to go alone. To get her there safely she relied on the most trustworthy of her 26 horses—a Welsh-Arabian crossbred horse, Mr. Smudge.

Douglas was still there the next morning, so she put some coffee in a thermos, mounted Mr. Smudge and braved the ice and wind to reach him. When she woke Douglas, needless to say, he was pretty surprised.

“He just said, ‘Wow, this is unexpected,’” Eagle Bears told CTV.

Eileen Eagle-Bears and her horse, Mr. Smudge, made two trips to bring coffee and hot food


“She had to walk that horse half a mile up that hill and half a mile down because it was so icy,” Douglas told CTV. “Blew me away.”

Though he had plenty of gas and was able to stay warm throughout the night, Eagle Bears then noticed that he had virtually no food.

“I had promised him that if he was still there I would make some hot supper and bring it back to him,” Eagle Bears told CTV.

And so, after she made hamburger stew at home, Eagle Bears and Mr. Smudge ventured out once again.

The trucker was later rescued after waiting for 28 hours


After she dropped off the supper, and was thanked again by Douglas, Eagle Bears made the final trip back home. A few hours later, a tow-truck arrived and Douglas was rescued, after spending around 28 hours stranded on the highway.

Meanwhile, the story received massive amounts of attention after Eagle Bear’s mother posted it onto social media. But the girl just hoped that her example would spur others to further acts of kindness.

“The world needs more kindness,” Eagle Bears told CTV.


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