Truck driver sees this chicken in the road—heartwarming end to classic joke setup

December 18, 2017 10:49 am Last Updated: December 18, 2017 10:49 am

It’s one of the first jokes you learn how to tell as a kid.

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

There are an infinite number of answers, but none are as heartwarming as this one.

A chicken that tried to cross a busy Washington highway in October is lucky to be alive after falling off the back of a truck heading for a slaughterhouse, according to the New York CBS affiliate. Fortunately, Warren Padgette saw it all unfold.

Padgette, a truck driver, pulled his rig over to check on the chicken. He suspected it wouldn’t have survived the fall, but couldn’t in good conscious ignore it and keep driving.

Warren Padgette was driving his truck on a Washington highway when he saw a chicken fall out of an 18-wheel truck.


As Padgette got closer to the chicken, he noticed it was blinking. The animal appeared injured from the fall, but was alive and stranded in the middle of the highway.

Padgette waded out into the middle of the busy highway, grabbed the chicken, and returned to his truck. He drove home, gave it a bath, blow-dried its feathers, and dressed its wounds.

The chicken was in bad shape, but Padgette was confident that it was going to survive. He decided to name it “Lucky,” because that’s exactly what this little chicken was.

With time, gentle care, and a lot of love from Padgette, Lucky made a full recovery. Perhaps sensing what Padgette did for her, he says she follows him around everywhere.

After pulling over, bringing her home, bathing and tending to her wounds, Lucky made a full recovery.


It wasn’t long before Lucky was walking around and clucking like nothing ever happened. Padgette decided to keep her permanently. He set about making his home “chicken friendly.”

The most notable addition to his home is the chicken coop he added in his backyard. Painted a fire-engine red, the coop reads “Lucky’s Hen House,” and is molded in a classic wood barn farmhouse style.

Not only that, but Lucky has since hatched a few little chicks of her own. From freeway foul to doting mother, Lucky is the perfect name for her.

Now Lucky is happy, healthy, and lives in a custom-made chicken coop with the words “Lucky’s Hen House” on it.


Padgette loves having Lucky around the house and has grown incredibly attached to his pal and her chicks. Perhaps inspired by the addition to his family, he recently brought another animal home to join his family.

Padgette adopted a goat that was in need of a good home. Between Lucky, her chicks, and their new goat friend, he has cobbled together quite the family of barnyard pals.