Neighbor spots dog bouncing on trampoline when dog suddenly jumps over the fence & runs off

You'll never believe where he escapes to
August 14, 2017 11:51 am Last Updated: April 12, 2018 6:27 pm

Thomas McCormack leaves for work every morning, after bidding goodbye to his Collie Labrador, Paddy.

One morning, McCormack’s neighbor spotted Paddy jumping on the trampoline in the backyard and thought it was funny, but thought about it no further.

But then the neighbor spotted Paddy bouncing on the trampoline again.

And again.

And then he went straight over the fence.

Obviously stunned, he knew he had to tell McCormack about it after he got home.

But when McCormack came home, he had a strange story to tell himself.

McCormack had been sitting on the train to work, when all of a sudden something jumped into the seat next to him—it was Paddy.

How had he gotten there? McCormack was baffled, and Paddy wasn’t giving up any of his secrets (look at how smug that face is).

So the two of them just went to work together that day.

When he got home, the neighbor told him he had seen Paddy practicing on the trampoline.

“He’s been escaping his kennel and bouncing on the trampoline to get over the fence, and that’s why he’s escaped,” McCormack said.

The fence was 6 feet high, but the resourceful dog found a way to get over it. Then he followed McCormack’s scent, all the way down the road and up to the train station.

McCormack suspects Paddy’s made the run a few times now, but that day was only the first time Paddy managed to catch up with him and board the same train car.

“Paddy’s obviously followed my scent from the house up to the train station and jumped on the train,” McCormack said.

Paddy’s certainly a clever dog. And just look at how proud he is!

Watch the video to see how he’s made the jump: