Store’s refrigerators breaks down with 17 tons of food inside. What manager does—people can’t ignore

January 11, 2018 2:26 pm Last Updated: January 11, 2018 4:35 pm

The Trader Joe’s in Kalamazoo, Michigan, may have only opened only a few months ago, but it’s already making a huge impact on the community.

The store, which opened in October 2017, recently had an issue with its refrigeration system. Rather than throw away all of the food they could no longer sell, they donated it to a local mission. In total they donated 35,000 pounds.

Trader Joe’s is known for some of their amazingly delicious products.

(Photo by Aranami, CC BY 2.0)

Sean Clune, an assistant manager at Trader Joe’s, told MLive that the store’s refrigeration system went down for about an hour. Since the food could no longer be on the shelves they had to dispose of it, all 35,000 pounds.

Once the food had been deemed safe, the store called Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, a local mission that provides food, guidance, and shelter to the community.

But they’re more than just a grocery store. They actively donate to their local communities.

As soon as the mission received the call they worked quickly to assemble a team to accept the donation, which was worth $60,000.

“They just really exemplified a culture of generosity and we’re just so thankful for them,” Greg Weaver, Director of Food Service at Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, told FOX 17.

The store donated 35,000 pounds of food to a local mission.

The donation was the single largest donation the mission had ever seen. And it wasn’t just the quantity that impressed the mission, it was the quality of the food too.

The donation included ribeye steaks and salmon filets along with other “wonderful products.”

“Every opportunity we have to uplift somebody’s dignity through food, we aim to do it,” Weaver told MLive. “Trader Joe’s helped us accomplish that.”

The mission was able to completely fill their walk-in freezer with the donation.

The donation was so large that while the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission was able to store the majority of the food they received, they decided to donate about 4,000 pounds of food to a local food pantry.

What began as a problem for Trader Joe’s turned into a blessing for two local organizations.