Tough cop adopts two kids he finds in bad living conditions—it turns his life upside down

September 21, 2017 7:24 am Last Updated: October 9, 2017 8:56 am

Sometimes life can surprise us in ways we never imagined possible if we only follow our hearts.

When tough detective Jack Mook decided to adopt brothers Jesse and Josh Lyle, he thought he was rescuing the kids from a terrible household, but what Mook didn’t realize was that those kids were rescuing him.

The 22-year Pittsburg cop was enjoying the single life, free from responsibilities, or so he thought.

When Mook met Josh and Jesse Lyle at Steel City Boxing Kids, where he volunteers as a coach to underprivileged ‘street kids’, he immediately took a liking to the brothers he regularly coached, and they boys really liked him too. But one day Josh and Jesse Lyle suddenly stopped showing up at the gym, so the detective did what detectives do and he went out to look for the kids.

What he found broke this cop’s heart.

He discovered the boys were living in horrendous living conditions with extremely abusive and neglectful foster parents, according to Mook, and Mook just couldn’t stand it. He cared about the kids and the kids cared about him.

“They have had it as worse as any other kid that’s ever lived in the city of Pittsburg—living conditions wise—and that just … I had enough of it.”

So Mook decided to do something about it—he took the kids into his own home to give them a better life—little did he know that those kids were actually bringing him a better home and a better life.

It was a decision that completely changed his life.

Mook immediately took to the dad life—it seemed having the boys to take care of brought out a side to the detective that he didn’t know he he had. “It’s awesome—it’s the best thing I ever did in my life,” he told CBS.

He was enjoying being a dad, cooking, teaching, and taking care of the boys. The 22-year veteran of the police force didn’t think it could get any better—but it did.

He adopted the kids, and made Josh and Jesse Lyle into Josh and Jesse Mook.

The new family walked out of the courthouse happy and united, but Mook got so much more than just two children that day.

Shortly after Mook’s story was originally reported by CBS in 2014, Mook met a woman named Mary, who had read the about the bachelor and his new sons. She was touched by his character and charm and he fell in love with her kindness and beauty.

The two hit it off and were married. But Mary had three kids of her own—so when the lovebirds got married, they gained a big happy family in the process—and Mook wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I thought being single was fun—cause you don’t have no responsibilities—but when you’re single you don’t realize what you’re missing. I’m glad I let her break through that barrier and take me away from that life.”

Jack Mook wouldn’t trade it for the world.

That’s the story of how a dedicated bachelor became a family man.

Watch the heartwarming story below!