Tooth fairy forgot to pick up 9-year-old’s teeth so she writes her one sassy letter

June 27, 2018 9:49 am Last Updated: June 27, 2018 9:59 am

When you’ve got a job to do, you can’t just not show up without an excuse: that’s how disasters happen!

Imagine that a babysitter doesn’t show up when you are about to have a night out or an electrician doesn’t show up when your power goes out. It stands to reason that you’d be upset about that.

Likewise, 9-year-old Jennifer was upset when she found out a certain mythical being wasn’t doing her job.

When Jennifer’s teeth weren’t collected by the Tooth Fairy, she shared some harsh words.

The year was 1991 and Jennifer was beginning to doubt the Tooth Fairy’s existence.

When she lost a tooth, she didn’t tell her mother for two days. When she finally complained to her mother about her uncollected tooth, she suggested than Jennifer write a letter to send to the tooth fairy.

What she wrote has to be one of the sassiest letters I’ve ever read! It said:

“(Not very) Dear T. F.,

This is the second time you’ve done this. You forgot me. So if you’re not going to come, then I’m going to keep my own teeth. You are through collecting teeth. From Jennifer. From now on I’m keeping my own teeth.

Unsincerely, Jennifer E.

P.S. Keep collecting from Mike, though. Obviously you like him better.

P.P.S. Don’t bother to write back.”

I wasn’t long before Jennifer received a response back from her mo—I mean the fairy.

“It basically said, ‘I couldn’t get to your pillow the night before last because I got stuck in all the mess,” Jennifer told Yahoo News. “Maybe if you clean your room, I could get to you in a timely manner.”

This, essentially, confirmed the girl’s suspicions about the Tooth Fairy’s true identity. I guess we all know where she got her sass from!

Decades later, the story went viral on Reddit.


While this story is now several decades old, and Jennifer has since become a mother herself, there is a reason why it has been gaining traction recently.

In 2014, Jennifer visited her parents’ house and mentioned the old letter. Her parents had preserved many of her keepsakes over the years, so her dad was able to just pull it off the shelf so she could look at it again.

Upon reading it again, Jennifer realized that it was even better than she remembered. So she snapped a photo and posted it on Reddit where it gained over 34,000 upvotes.

Hopefully her children don’t end up seeing the post because, from the sound of it, she might be having some difficulty convincing them the Tooth Fairy is real as it is.

“I’ve forgotten to leave money before and had to come up with excuses for why the Tooth Fairy was late …” she told Yahoo News. “Recently I used, ‘you lost the tooth really late in the afternoon so the fairy already got her list for the day. She’ll catch up with you tomorrow.’

“I think it worked!”

Let’s hope it did, otherwise Jennifer might receive some nasty letters of her own!