Toddler’s reaction to getting broccoli for Christmas is the most precious thing you’ll see

His reaction is so precious
December 13, 2017 5:02 pm Last Updated: December 14, 2017 1:06 pm

For many people, opening up presents is one of the highlights of the festive winter holiday season.

Many children put together lists of dozens of things they would like to receive under the Christmas tree, while others would rather pool everything into a single large gift, such as a cat or a dog.

Outside of these two opposite sides of the spectrum are individuals who are simply happy to receive anything at all.

Such was the case with Mason Reese.

As a very young child, Reese was a boy who was simply always happy to receive a gift, no matter what it was.

His mother, Lianne Reese, loved to video him dancing as an infant, and she especially enjoyed watching him react to the things she’d get him, so one day she decided to film her little one opening a particular gift she’d hand-packed.

Mason was grinning ear-to-ear as his mother gave him the okay to open the gift.

The present came in a large holiday bag that was almost half Mason’s size. Pulling out paper stuffing, he finally arrived at the special gift.

“Look!” he exclaimed, beaming. “Broccoli!”

(Sdgere Fkoaeds/Youtube Screenshot)

Wasting no time trying to take a small bite out of his gift, his mother alerted him that there may be a few more things inside the bag. With a spark of excitement now in his eyes, Mason began pulling out more paper stuffing to see what other things were in store for him.

“Whoa!” he said. “A banana!”

But even after that the gifts didn’t stop coming.

“Whoa, look! Zucchini!”

(Sdgere Fkoaeds/Youtube Screenshot)

Mason lastly found a new toothbrush in the bag.

One of the reasons that Mason was so excited about his gifts is because he was born with Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, or FPIES for short. With this condition, Mason had to follow a very strict diet that primarily focused on fruits and vegetables.

Growing to love the foods, Mason doesn’t mind them at all compared to other children who develop a passionate hatred for them. In fact, Mason even enjoys trying to help his mother cook, which he requested to do with the zucchini. 

“We filmed it knowing that Mason would love the ‘gifts,’” Lianne shared with

“When the video was over, he immediately asked if we could cook his zucchini…”

“He wanted to help chop it.”

Thankfully Mason has since grown out of his condition, but he continues to still love the fruits and vegetables that sustained him during that time.

“He was always fine with vegetables, so he ended up eating a lot of them,” Lianne said.

“Thank goodness he loves them so much, so he calls himself an herbivore. Broccoli is probably his favorite vegetable to eat but he flips out excitedly over Brussels sprouts on the stalk.”

In addition to the fruit and vegetables, Mason also received more traditional gifts from Santa. Hopefully one of them was proper cooking equipment so he can experiment with new ways to prepare his favorite foods.

Watch the adorable video below.