To teach catcallers a lesson, this PSA uses the best prank to get them utterly embarrassed

July 26, 2017 11:39 am Last Updated: December 29, 2017 8:47 pm

For some women, catcalling is a daily reality, and even though there have been social experiments showing how prevalent it is in our modern world, in some countries the problem might be more serious. On the streets of Lima, Peru, for instance, seven out of ten women are reported to be victims of sexual harassment, according to a nonprofit called “Let’s Stop Street Harassment”  or Paremos el Acoso Callejero based in Peru.

One woman wanted to prank the biggest catcalling offenders

The “Sílbale a tu madre” (meaning, “Whistling at your mom”) campaign, funded by Everlast and the nonprofit — which is the first Latin American observatory against harassment — had a great idea to prank these men and essentially publicly embarrass them in the most clever way possible.

Host of the video Natalia Málaga is a famous volleyball player and coach from Peru. She decided to stage a prank where notorious catcallers on the streets of Peru would be tricked into showcasing their antics in front of none other than their own mother!

In order to send their message, this staged video had the actresses playing the “mothers” wear disguises, complete with wigs and stilettos, to let everyone know how their “sons” really behave while on the street!

Reportedly, the people in the video are actors within a simulation, but the scenarios are based on real-life incidents conducted from actual interviews, in which men mistakenly harassed women on the streets who turned out to be their relatives.

In the first scenario, the mother had to take off her sunglasses for her son to recognize her

At one point, the “son” even tried to explain that he mistook his mother for his girlfriend. In the end, his “mother” makes clear that he has no right to treat any woman so disrespectfully, especially if it was his girlfriend. This catcaller ended up with a beating.

In the second scenario, the mother pulled off her wig and publicly humiliated her son

This “son” tries to blame someone else, but his “mother” is having none of that. When he also tries to calm her down by telling her she’s about to make a scene, she lays down the childhood threat that she doesn’t care about making a scene, she’ll punish him in public, if that’s what it takes.

The message of these videos is clear: If you wouldn’t do something in front of your mother that you think you can do in public, then don’t do it! Also, don’t mess with Mom!

Where can I watch the original video?

The English translation can also been seen below.

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