Tired of boyfriend lazying around, playing video games all day—what she does—so satisfying to watch

December 8, 2017 2:46 pm Last Updated: December 8, 2017 2:46 pm

Anyone who’s played video games knows how addicting they can be. You’ll think you’ve played for maybe two hours—when in reality it’s been the entire day. And it can get annoying to the people around you.

Rebekah recently felt like her boyfriend, Rueben, was spending too much time playing “Call Of Duty.”

“He’s done no housework, nothing at his house, and didn’t even get his car cleaned like he said he was gonna,” Rebekah told her viewers. It’s clear she’s fed up with him neglecting his responsibilities, and it wasn’t looking like he was going to start anytime soon.

(ReuBekah Vidz/Screenshot)

“I’m gonna get my little friend out the cupboard, and show him what a real gun looks like.”

Rebekah wanted Rueben to know that she wasn’t playing around anymore. She had constructed some sort of weapon—a roll of paper towels attached to a leaf blower. Essentially, the paper towels were her ammo.

And she got the whole thing on video.

(ReuBekah Vidz/Screenshot)

Rebekah walked in on Rueben, who was obviously still playing video games. She wasted no time in ambushing her boyfriend.

She unloaded on him the entire roll of paper towels, all while laughing hysterically. Even when she ran out, it didn’t stop there.

“I’m out! Reload, Reload!” she screamed as she continued to bury her boyfriend in paper.

(ReuBekah Vidz/Screenshot)

Then she decided to turn to streamers.

(ReuBekah Vidz/Screenshot)

And some more.

(ReuBekah Vidz/Screenshot)

And then more paper towels.

“What do you mean reload?” Rueben was saying by the end of it. Each time he was able pull the paper off of him to see what was going on, she would already be done reloading and would fire again.

(ReuBekah Vidz/Screenshot)

Once she finally ran out of “ammo,” she asked her boyfriend one question.

“How do you like playing Call Of Duty now, babe?”

(ReuBekah Vidz/Screenshot)

Although this real-life attack had made him die in the game, he seemed to take it all in good stride. Perhaps this was a wakeup call that he needed to spend more time with his girlfriend—and so she could spend less time coming up with elaborate pranks like this one.

At the end of the day, she got both of her wishes: She got Rueben to stop playing, and she finally got a turn to play herself!

(ReuBekah Vidz/Screenshot)

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