Tiny puppy & big dog were about to be euthanized—but then photographer saw what others didn’t

December 2, 2017 4:19 pm Last Updated: December 2, 2017 6:10 pm

Mona Ahmed, who works as a volunteer photographer at an animal shelter at Fresno, California, is a well-known face around the city shelters. She visits a Fresno shelter on weekly basis, looking for dogs which are to be euthanized and tries to help them by searching for adopters.

The euthanasia rate of the shelter is high, so she photographs dogs and uploads their images on Facebook, hoping someone might help and adopt them.

Last month, Ahmed was deeply moved by looking at a pair in the same kennel — a little, black Chihuahua-mix, Felix, cuddling a large, yellow lab dog with a missing paw, Oscar.

Mona remarked that her heart melted when she saw the love these two animals had for each other.

She tried separating them to snap their photos separately—but she failed miserably as they were inseparable.

If she pulled one, the other would start whining. They have a strong bond and are virtually inseparable.

Mona Ahmed was horrified to learn that the two were to be euthanized on that same day at 5 o’ clock.

(Mona Ahmed/Compassion Without Borders)

She started calling out all her contacts, looking for someone who might take them in. Mona even begged the shelter folks to provide her one more day for Felix and Oscar.

Looking at her love and passion for them, the shelter gave the dogs one more day.

But just a day more and it couldn’t be extended any further.

Because Felix and Oscar were suffering from Kennel Cough—a highly contagious respiratory illness.

They didn’t want the illness spreading to other dogs at the shelter as Kennel Cough can be spread easily through airborne droplets, direct contact, or contaminated surfaces (including food bowls).

Look whose coming to Muttopia.We got an urgent plea yesterday for this bonded pair from our rescue partners in Fresno….

Posted by Compassion Without Borders on Thursday, November 9, 2017


She also had contacted Compassion Without Borders, an international rescue that saves the dogs from Mexico and USA. She was very lucky, as they happened to be in Fresno that particular day picking up some other dogs.

The co-founder of Compassion Without Borders (CWOB), Christi Camblor said, “We almost never take dogs in sight unseen.” Usually, Christi herself goes down and pick the dogs.

But the photo which Mona sent to her was such a sweet picture that Christi asked the volunteers to go back and evaluate if the dogs were friendly.

The duo turned out to be friendly and sweet, so the volunteers pulled them from the shelter to relocate them to CWOB’s Santa Rosa rescue, Muttopia.


When examined, it was found that their Kennel Cough was serious. They were continuously coughing. But that didn’t dim their joy of getting out of the kennel. They were ecstatic when they reached Muttopia. Christi noticed that after hopping out of the car, the two were continually wagging their tails in excitement and anxiety. They were both so friendly and sweet.

Camblor observed that they were inseparable. They sleep together, they play together and run together when out. They are anxious if separated and their bond is very strong. Muttopia takes care of them for a few more weeks, that’ll help them to recover from Kennel Cough, and the disease is cured completely. Also, Christi aims to get a prosthetic for the big dog’s leg, then they will be ready to be rehomed.

Camblor wishes that they are placed in the same home together, in Northern California. She is happy how these dogs were saved and are happy in her care. Ahmed is thrilled and very grateful that CWOB came in at the right time and helped those dogs in need.

Posted by Compassion Without Borders on Tuesday, November 14, 2017