Three years of Tinder messaging and this young couple meet on national TV for the first time

July 31, 2017 12:47 pm Last Updated: July 31, 2017 12:47 pm

First dates often start with anxious anticipation and trepidation. We’re often advised by parents and friends to “take it slow.” Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas took that advice to heart in a rather extreme way.

They first met on Tinder, the popular dating app, and even though they lived on the same college campus, it took them three years and a nationally televised morning show to meet in person for the first time.

Even messaging was a drawn out process.


Josh had first messaged Michelle with a quick, “Hey Michelle.”

Three months later, Michelle responded with, “Hey sorry my phone died.”

That was just the beginning of the world’s funniest and cutest procrastination-club-of-two ever to exist.

Josh, after two months had passed since Michelle’s initial reply, messaged her back with, “Hey, sorry was in the shower.”

And so began a virtual relationship.


Their years of excuse-laden comedic exchanges could easily serve as a “how-not-to-ever-meet-someone-in-person-from-a-dating-app” instruction manual. Perhaps the humor was too irresistible to ruin with an actual first date?

Their story will have you roaring with laughter while giving you all of the “aww … that’s so cute”s a person could ever want to see in a budding romance.

The two were invited to appear on Good Morning America.


Good Morning America re-created a throwback scenario from the most popular television game show ever, “The Dating Game” (1956–1986). If you are around the same age as Josh and Michelle, you may have never heard of that show. But no worries, you’ll definitely recognize the copy-cat format replicated by similar dating TV shows since.

The couple is divided by a wall and only the audience has the privilege of viewing both the guy and the gal as they are each asked questions by the two hosts.

It was time for Josh and Michelle to finally meet.


In the end, the two walked around the wall to meet on national TV for the first time ever.

Tinder, by the way, sprung for the first date, which Josh and Michelle got to choose the location of. You’ll never guess where they chose! Check it out in the video below. Enjoy!