This vet was struggling to eat his breakfast — then his waitress did something incredible

November 27, 2017 6:57 pm Last Updated: November 29, 2017 7:27 pm

Dallas Smith Jr. was enjoying his breakfast at the Huddle House in Douglas, Georgia last week.

But it was a moment he witnessed at the table next to him made the morning truly special.

(Flickr/Richard Elzey,CC)

He was seated near an older man, who was eating with a younger companion. The man was trying to eat his pancakes, but it proved to be difficult to cut them up—because he only had one hand.

Smith later found out the reason.

The man was a veteran who had lost his hand after being shot.

(Dallas Smith Jr./Screenshot)

The younger companion—the vet’s caretaker—-had his own meal, but stopped to help the man cut up his food.

But then an employee saw what was going on, and she did something that left Smith stunned.

“She was on the other side of the counter and she saw that he was trying to cut his pancakes,” Smith recalled to WSB-TV.

“And she said, ‘I’ll get it.’”

(Dallas Smith Jr./Screenshot)

The restaurant worker, who Smith referred to as Ms. Wanda, went over and cut up the veteran’s pancakes so he could enjoy them without struggling, and his caretaker could continue to enjoy his meal.

Smith says he was touched to see this act of kindness, even though it didn’t feel out-of-place for the restaurant.

“It was kind of a warm feeling in there anyway because everyone knows everybody,” Smith told WSB-TV. “It threw me so far off guard when she did it.”

“For me, it was just a blessing to see.”

(Dallas Smith Jr./Screenshot)

Smith was so touched that he recorded the moment with his phone, and shared it on his Facebook page. People everywhere have been inspired by this waitress’ above-and-beyond customer service, and the video has gone viral with 200,000 views in only a few days.

“This day and time, when you see that, it gives you hope,” he added.

“I’m a Christian and it’s the closest thing to Jesus I’ve seen in a long time.”

Watch the video below:

Fellow trying to eat his pancakes with one hand. Cook seen it, went over and cut them up for him. Acts of kindness. Huddle house Douglas Ga.Edit: After the video went viral I learned that the older man had Been shot in his hand and the younger gentlemen had been staying with him and helping care for him. He made the move to help him when Ms Wanda (the cook) stepped in and took over so they both could enjoy their meal. #twoactsofkindness

Posted by Dallas Smith Jr. on Wednesday, November 22, 2017