This UPS driver makes friends (and takes selfies) with the dogs on his route

August 30, 2017 6:44 pm Last Updated: November 20, 2017 12:25 pm


The longstanding war between dogs and delivery men appears to be over—or at least, in a temporary truce.

In a video with over 1.5 million views on Facebook, a UPS driver has a run-in with some big ol’ dogs….


But instead of barking and chasing him off the property like you’d expect, they do something different.

They pose for some selfies.


It was all caught on video by Staci Burns, from Athens, Louisiana. She knew the driver, Doniel Kidd, and knew he liked to stop and play with the dogs on his route.

“[Kidd] always plays with the dogs and shows them affection,” Burns explained to BuzzFeed.

Watch the video here:


It was exactly the moment she was hoping to capture—to show her husband what attention-starved dogs they have.

“I wanted to show [my husband] how spoilt our dogs were,” she told Buzzfeed. “They are just rotten, they think everyone should want to pet and love on them.”

(Facebook/Staci Speer Burns)

As for the driver himself, Kidd just couldn’t resist the moment:

“I’m an animal lover,” Kidd told The Dodo.

“If I can pet a dog, and make him feel good, I will.”

(Facebook/Doniel Kidd)

It isn’t just those three dogs, either: Kidd is known around the neighborhood for his way with animals.

Another local named John Danforth runs a t-shirt business from his home, and with the frequent deliveries, his own dogs have gotten to know Kidd quite well.

“My dogs know the sound of his truck,” Danforth told The Dodo. “When he comes to my place, they perk up and go running towards the road to greet him and bark!”

“Even on days I don’t get a delivery, they’ll hear the sound of his truck going by and, boy, they perk up and run to see as he passes by.”

(Facebook/John Danforth)

“It feels good to know that they appreciate you coming,” Kidd told The Dodo.

“They’re just looking for affection, too, that’s all.”

(Facebook/John Danforth)

But he has a special relationship with Burns’ dogs—Reba, Buster and Jade—after Reba went missing last year. Kidd recognized the dog and returned it to Burns, who has been grateful ever since.

“He is one of the kindest, most good-hearted (especially towards animals) men I know,” Burns told The Dodo.

“He is truly that kind.”



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