Dairy Cow Stares at New Owner and Cries—Then He Visits Her Old Farm and Learns the Sad Truth

June 13, 2018 10:55 am Last Updated: June 13, 2018 10:55 am

The greatness of a mother’s love knows no boundary—and animal moms are no exception. The mother cow in this beautiful video is a testament to the above statement.

In March 2016, when it was time for Maybelle, a dairy cow, to retire, the farmer sent her to The Gentle Barn—a sanctuary in Tennessee—to show his appreciation for her years of services.

But once Maybelle settled in the sanctuary, she began to act strangely.

“She was just crying and crying,” Andrea Burritt, manager of the Gentle Barn, told The Dodo. “She would look you right in the eye, and just scream.”

Burritt guessed Maybelle might have been separated from her baby.

Concerned, The Gentle Barn’s co-founder, Jay Weiner, drove to her previous farm to check if Maybelle did have a baby left behind. Burritt’s suspicions were correct—Maybelle had a male 9-month-old calf named Miles.

The farmer agreed to hand over Miles, so Weiner then loaded the calf on the trailer and brought him to The Gentle Barn to be reunited with his mother.

When Weiner pulled up to the farm, Maybelle heard her calf’s cries and began chasing the trailer across the pasture. She called out to Miles, and he responded.

As the trailer door opened, the mother and son ran to each other at once.

This story took an even more amazing turn when Maybelle gave birth to a female calf named Eclipse in September 2016. The cow was actually pregnant when she first set foot in the sanctuary.

Maybelle is a loving mom to both Miles and Eclipse. Now, they stay together in The Gentle Barn, enjoying a happy family life!

Video credit: The Gentle Barn.