This newborn arrived a month early—but mom and grandma realized he was born at just the right time

November 28, 2017 5:52 pm Last Updated: November 30, 2017 5:59 pm

Everybody loves their birthday, but New Jersey woman Clara Gregory will always have extra reason to celebrate. She was born on November 19, but in addition to the usual gifts every year, she’s gotten some incredible surprises that make the date particularly special.

In 1986, Gregory had just relocated to New Jersey, and was about to give birth to her first daughter. She was given a late November due date.

“My doctor kept saying that it was good the baby was going to be born on Thanksgiving because I wouldn’t need to do any cooking,” Gregory told

But while the doctor was thinking about Thanksgiving, Gregory sensed that the baby was going to arrive on a different occasion:

“I just had this feeling, she was going to come on my birthday.”

And amazingly, she was right: Gregory’s daughter, Theresa Dunn, arrived November 19. Not only do they share a strong mother–daughter bond, they also share a birthday.

Mom you are my rock and my foundation. I love you and thank you for being you!

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But if that wasn’t remarkable enough, Gregory always sensed that this was just the beginning.

“We always joked for many years before I got pregnant and my mom said, ‘If you have a child, it will be born on your birthday,’” Dunn, now 31, told Inside Edition.

Her mother was always insistent that a third generation would share the 11/19 birthday with them. Gregory became a grandmother for the first time two years ago with the birth of Dunn’s first boy, but he missed the mark by a few months, being born in April.

But when Dunn became pregnant again this year, she knew this was the one—even if the baby was due in December.

“I don’t know why, but I kept saying to my daughter that the baby was going to come on our birthday,” Gregory told

Player #2 arriving December 2017! 👶🏽

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But during her pregnancy, Dunn was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a high-risk condition involving her blood pressure. It was looking like the doctors might have to induce labor early, which meant a shared birthday might be a possibility.

“When my condition started getting worse, my mom was like, ‘I think he is going to be born on your birthday,’” Dunn told Inside Edition.

Dunn was admitted to University Medical Center in Princeton on November 16, the doctors told her it was time—and she slowly realized her mother may have been right all along.

“I was in labor for three days,” Dunn said. “He was not coming out on the 16th, 17th or 18th.”

“Saturday evening, I realized he might be born on my birthday.”

Then, it was November 19. It was Dunn’s 31st birthday, and her mother’s 67th.

And that was the day her son, Micah, came into the world.

Three generations, all with the same birthday. Everyone was astounded by the coincidence—except one person.

“It hit me that my mom was right,” Dunn told Inside Edition.

“I thought she was going to be surprised, but she just kept saying, ‘I told you.’”

Grandma knew it was always meant to be. November 19 is now even more special for her—a day she’ll always share with her daughter and grandson.

“We’ll obviously cherish this for the rest of our lives,” she told