This mom was annoyed when her 6-year-old drew on the wall—but then she gives the artwork a hilarious twist

November 21, 2017 5:33 pm Last Updated: November 22, 2017 10:12 am

Young kids love to draw with their crayons and markers. It’s a harmless, creative activity, and most parents will encourage their children by hanging their artwork on the refrigerator, regardless of quality. But the Massicotte family, from Toronto, went a step further.

Kim and Eric Massicotte are the parents of two young boys, 6-year-old Ryan and 4-year-old Peter. The kids can be a handful, so in the mornings when mom and dad are getting ready for the day, they’ll have the boys sit at the kitchen table and draw.

It seemed like a nice, easy way to keep the kids preoccupied for a bit—until November 13, when the innocent activity unexpectedly led to some disastrous mischief.

While the parents weren’t looking, Ryan decided to take the opportunity to show his little brother how to draw a house.

As the 6-year-old was coloring in the doodle, Kim walked in, caught him in the act—and screamed in horror. Because for some reason, her son didn’t use paper this time.

He drew a picture on the wall… in marker.


Kim was immediately angry and told her sons to get away from the wall. The boys fled the scene.

“They knew they were in trouble so they went and hid behind the couch,” Kim recalled to ABC News.

But they were let off the hook momentarily, as they were taken to school for the day, leaving Kim figuring out what to do with the artwork etched onto her living room wall.

She could’ve tried to wash it out, or paint over it. But it got her thinking about her role as a mother, as the never-ending wrangler of her two rambunctious boys.

“At some point you just have to accept that you can’t correct every single mistake, because that would be my full-time job,” she said.

So instead of trying to get rid of the drawing, she decided to embrace it … and, with a few crafts, came up with an idea to turn the mistake into a masterpiece.

She framed the drawing, and presented it like a museum-worthy piece of fine art.


The work of modern art was dubbed “Interrupted House,” and credited to the artist R.C. Massicotte. As if in an official gallery, the info plaque notes that it was created with “Marker on latex paint.”

She also notes that it was “gifted to his parents, by surprise.”

For Kim, turning the incident into a joke felt better than just staying upset.

“I was doing this to amuse my husband,” she told ABC News. “Instead of being mad about it, I thought maybe he and I can have a little fun with it.”

“I thought it was really cute and this was something that later on we would laugh about.”


Her husband found it funny, too. When he returned and saw the permanent exhibit on the wall, he knew he wanted it to stay.

“It will stay in our house as a fun memory,” Eric told Buzzfeed News.

He also shared the photos on Twitter, where the story has gone viral with 124,000 retweets.

It’s a hilarious way to turn a bad situation into a fun story. And if you think the parents are just encouraging their kids to keep drawing on the walls consequence-free, Eric says there’s nothing to worry about.

“Writing on the wall is no longer taboo, so they are not interested in repeating it!” he told Buzzfeed.

And according to ABC News, the 6-year-old artist wants to go back to the basics anyway:

“I prefer paper anyway,” Ryan said.