This Michigan man was forced to bike 7 miles to work for years, until one man offered him a ride

June 13, 2017 3:00 pm Last Updated: June 13, 2017 3:00 pm


Riding your bike in a snowstorm, or any kind of storm for that matter is dangerous. But for years, Tony Berard had to make a seven-mile trek to work and back in every kind of weather along the shoulder of a busy highway to the grocery store where he worked the midnight shift.

Michigan snowstorms can be relentless, and nobody knows that better than Tony, except for Jason Kapoor, who noticed him one day as he drove down that same highway.

When Jason saw Tony, a stranger to him, he immediately turned around and offered him a ride. Berard eagerly took him up on it. “Without hesitation, he said, ‘I would love a ride,'” Jason shared later in a post on Facebook. This excerpt from Jason’s post explains what transpired during and after that fortunate meeting:

“Last night around 10:30 I was driving west on M59 towards Airport when I saw someone on a bicycle riding with the flow of traffic. I remember seeing a story about a man who was recently hit and killed riding his bike on Telegraph. I quickly turned around. I throw my hazards on and ask the man if he needs a ride. Without hesitation he said “I would love a ride” frozen beard and all. He [Berard] proceeds to tell me this is his 5th winter riding his bike to work. He does so because he can not afford a car due to the majority of his income going towards his ill wife. This gentlemans name is Tony. He isn’t a weirdo, or serial killer. He is just a hard working man, trying to make a living to take care of his wife. If you see Tony riding his bike around 10:30 down M59, try to offer him a ride. That goes for anybody out there this winter. You never know how much a simple ride in a warm car can mean so much to somebody. If you live in the area, please share so we can try to get Tony rides if spotted! Thank you!”

Countless medical bills, due to Tony’s wife’s illness, had overwhelmed him and his family. Both cars they owned had broken down, and they couldn’t afford to have them fixed. In order to keep working, biking was Tony’s only option.

Jason and his big heart decided he was not going to let that go unnoticed, so he invited others to join him in supporting Tony. The day after Jason shared his post, another stranger spotted him on his bike and offered him another car ride. The post had already been shared 17,000 times, and the conversations around that post transformed into a “let’s put our minds together and do something” approach that would soon come to fruition.

Jason created a GoFundMe page to see if he could raise the money to get Tony a car. The page, titled “Keep Tony Warm & Safe,” gathered donations of more than $19,000 in nine days.

Jason just happened to work at a car dealership across the highway from the grocery store where Tony worked. He negotiated a customized deal to keep Tony warm and off of his bike in the form of a minivan, which Tony now owns and drives to work and back.

(Facebook/Jason Kapoor)

What do you think, friends, could we use a few more Jasons AND Tonys in this world? Respect to both of these men and everyone else who helped a man in need.


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