Man Sees Baby Birds Starving to Death in Nest—So He Pours Soap Water on Lawn & Miracle Happens

June 7, 2018 3:37 pm Last Updated: June 7, 2018 3:37 pm

Droughts are never fun for us humans. The dry, rainless spells leave our cars looking dirty, our lawns looking brown and spotted, and our air full of dusty allergens.

For animals, though, long periods without rain can truly spell tragedy.

This family of robins knew that all too well. The nest was built in the shade of a small one-story home, but the older birds, mom and dad, were unable to scrounge up food for either themselves or their young during a 58-day rainless period. Thankfully, the home’s human owner saw the baby birds starving, and set about to help.

Realizing the dire situation the birds were in, the man employed an old trick, mixing several pails of cold water and soap to pour over his lawn. It’s an easy home remedy for expelling earthworms from the ground, normally used for gardening fanatics—but in this instance, it made food-finding a little bit easier for his winged tenants.

Very soon, worms were popping to the surface, and the owner pulled out a few offerings for the starving baby robins. Soon, mom and dad also took notice and began feeding their young dutifully now that a food supply was obtained.

Although the soapy water trick isn’t recommended on hot or sunny days, as it can harm the grass it’s poured on, this man took the lives of his feathered neighbors as more important than a spot of grass in his yard—and it likely kept them alive through the dry spell.

Thank goodness for good souls like this man, and we can take comfort in knowing such fellows are watching out for others in this world. Such a small gesture can have such a big impact in someone’s life!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Newsflare