This little secret surprise comes with a big woof!

July 25, 2017 3:17 pm Last Updated: July 25, 2017 3:17 pm

Fostering homeless dogs can be a bittersweet endeavor. The people who foster these lovable animals have big hearts and a nurturing spirit. Those are qualities that make for a great foster parent, but they can also make it easy for them to become attached to the pooches in their care.

You just can’t adopt them all!

(Northwest Boxer Rescue/YouTube/Screenshot)

Doggie foster mom Nicki Clawson knows that struggle. She also knows it’s more than ok to adopt a dog that needs adopting. You just can’t adopt them all! Clawson was becoming a seasoned volunteer foster momma after over a year of taking in these adorable homeless doggies. And then Clawson fostered a dog named Cookie.

Northwest Boxer Rescue saw the writing on the wall.

(Northwest Boxer Rescue/YouTube/Screenshot)

Cookie, a boxer with a gentle soul that could melt your heart in a second, was an immediate hit with Clawson and her family. They loved Cookie, and Cookie reciprocated. Northwest Boxer Rescue, where Crawford volunteered, saw the writing on the wall: Crawford and Cookie were a perfect match. That’s when they got creative.

 …they secretly hatched a plan.

(Northwest Boxer Rescue/YouTube/Screenshot)

Instead of telling Crawford what they so obviously saw, they secretly hatched a plan. Tim, Crawford’s husband, and Jessica, the Area Coordinator, began cooking up the details of what was going to be the sweetest surprise ever!

They told Crawford that Cookie had found a possible forever home — with an 83-year-old Doris Thompson. As is the protocol, a meet and greet session was set up to see how the dog and the potential new owner would get along, or not. They sent Crawford at the scheduled time to the location where she would meet with Doris. And wouldn’t you know? Dog-gone-it! The other party was a no-show! Tee-hee … turns out Doris was a fake.

Guess who the real adoptee was?

(Northwest Boxer Rescue/YouTube/Screenshot)

Guess who was the real adoptee that Northwest Boxer Rescue had planned all along? Of course, the one that connected with and loved Cookie most — Crawford!

As soon as she realized what was going on, Crawford burst into tears of joy.

“We are happy to report that Cookie is still very much loved by Nicki and an important part of their family three years later,” the rescue shelter told The Little Things.

…show a little love for Cookie and company!

(Northwest Boxer Rescue/YouTube/Screenshot)

And don’t miss the video of the surprise below!