Girl makes bizarre request to officer for a house search. When he hears the reason why—he has to go

It was a first for him.
August 1, 2017 4:40 pm Last Updated: January 22, 2018 2:01 pm

Most kids become afraid of monsters under their bed at some point in their lives. It’s a natural fear for such imaginative and creative young minds, especially when they happen to move to a brand-new environment.

When 4-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch faced this kind of emergency, she decided she’d better get the professionals. She invited a police officer to come over and inspect the house for monsters with her.

It all started when Sidney moved with her family to a new house in Longmont, Colorado. By day, everything seemed great. But at night, Sidney thought strange things were happening.

“I heard sounds when people weren’t up,” she told KDVR. Scary stuff.

She came to the only logical conclusion: monsters.

Source: KDVR

Not that she was scared of them herself, of course.

“I would just punch them in the face,” she bragged. Still, she knew her family couldn’t live in a monster-filled house forever.

Luckily, Sidney has friends in the police force. An aspiring police officer herself, Sidney has her own uniform and likes to support the police throughout the year.

“She has brought them candy at Halloween, pies at Thanksgiving, cookies at Christmastime,” her mother Megan told KDVR.

Source: Inside Edition

Shortly before the move, the family visited a barbecue thrown by the Longfort Police Department, where Sidney made quite an impression on the officers. In particular she struck up a new friendship with an officer named David Bonday.

“He loved her the first time he met her because she was wearing her police outfit,” Megan told Inside Edition. “She instantly gravitated toward him.”

And Sidney, deciding she couldn’t take on the monsters alone, asked Officer Bonday for his help.

Officer Bonday couldn’t say no to the mission and agreed to visit the “haunted” house.

“It was cute to say the least,” Bonday told Inside Edition. “I’ve never had anyone ask me to check for monsters before.”

So the fearless duo, armed with flashlights, went and checked every hiding spot in the new home for potential monsters.

How do you do a monster search? “Like you’re doing a real hunt,” Sidney explained to KDVR. “Like a ghost hunt.” Obviously.

Megan recorded the adorable hunt on video, which she posted to Facebook—adding that her daughter was on “cloud 10” afterwards:

Before we moved into our house Sidney had asked a Longmont policeman if he could check our new house for monsters. Well…

Posted by Megan Fahrenbruch on Tuesday, July 25, 2017


“You are super, super brave!” Bonday tells his new partner. “This is awesome.”

After a thorough monster search both inside and outside, the two came to a definite conclusion:

There were no monsters to be found in this house.

“We didn’t find any monsters, cleared the whole house as a matter of fact,” Bonday reported to Inside Edition.

But working with Officer Bonday gave Sidney a huge boost of confidence.

“It actually gave her the confidence to be around the new house,” Megan told Inside Edition. But not only that:

“She wants to be a police officer now more than ever.”

Source: Inside Edition

That might even be more heroic than monster hunting: being a strong role model for kids, especially ones who look up to you and aspire towards your particular career.

As Megan told KDVR: “She wants to grow up and be a cop and help other people find monsters as well.”