This fluffy cat doesn’t hate water and loves to sail around the seas

It's unusual for a cat
By Vanessa Rios, Epoch Times
July 17, 2018 3:38 pm Last Updated: July 17, 2018 3:38 pm

Imagine you are sailing the seas for weeks at a time, traveling to faraway islands and ports throughout the UK. There’s plenty of fresh fish to eat, and the sunrise and sunset views are phenomenal. Your first mate is Pippa, a trusted and friendly Springer Spaniel.

The catch is, you and your kin typically hate water, and you’re extremely fluffy and covered in long, white fur because you’re a male Turkish Van cat. Yes, you’re a cat.

Well, no, you’re not a cat. I’m talking about Salty Sea Cat, the seafaring, Turkish Van who does in fact enjoy water and is sailing the seas with his owners and fellow animal friend, Pippa.

Bernadette and Andy from the UK—Salty’s owners—are vlogging Salty and Pippa’s adventures as the four spend their days cruising around in their floating home.

Cats are naturally curious, but are they adventurous? It seems to be the case with Salty.

Salty, whose real name is Neo, is a breed of cat that doesn’t mind water much. And as most cats do, he loves fish. It’s actually rare to find a cat that enjoys sailing and spending a long time on a boat, but Salty doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

According to Salty’s blog, his favorite pastimes while sailing the seas are playing with his large collection of toys, exploring the cabin of the boat, and watching seagulls from the portholes of his bedroom and on the deck.

He hangs out with his bestie Pippa, and the humans take really good care of them both. He has his sea legs and beyond, as most cats have incredible balance. So, this isn’t too much of a stretch for Salty to handle. He really likes it!

Salty also really seems to love his friend Pippa, who keeps him company at his own fluffy and cute animal level. Two peas in a pod they are.

Husband and wife Andy and Berni, as they affectionately call each other, are both healthcare workers. They used to own a home and several small boats for weekend sailing to relax during time off.

But in 2010, they both decided to sell their home in Devon, England, and look for a boat to live on. They got a smart, Bruce Roberts ketch rigged boat. It has four cabins, a galley (kitchen), and a head (toilet).

They spent two years making it into a home, updating the sails, electrics, and adding all the touches that make it feel like a true home for them and their media-friendly pets.

They now work remotely in healthcare management, and spend their time sailing in the scenically gorgeous Western Isles of Scotland.

A life of freedom

As they explained to the Epoch Times via Facebook, for them “this lifestyle choice is freedom.” They are free to explore the islands and towns as they travel.

Andy is an amateur photographer as well, so they look for beautiful places to photograph, and they take the pets to shore with them for day trips and walks where they can.

They “especially love the quiet of the islands and the lack of ambient light for night photography,” and they are lucky enough to see the auroras during winter.

Bon voyage and happy trails!