This dog is a hero after doing in 25 minutes what a rescue team couldn’t do in several hours

October 31, 2017 12:46 pm Last Updated: October 31, 2017 12:53 pm

Not all dogs are created equal. Don’t they all deserve love, attention, a nice warm home, and a hearty meal? Absolutely.

But some pooches are born with a gift. Their natural abilities might be augmented by years of arduous training, but there is no denying that there is something special about a dog with the duty to save human lives.

Thanks to this special dog, a little boy in Brazil is still alive, and his family was spared the ultimate grief.

After a rescue team with Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Minas Gerais recently failed to find a 20-month-old boy who had gone missing in the jungles of Brazil, they brought in their secret weapon. His name is Luke, and without him, this story might not have had such a happy ending. The search and rescue dog was asked to sniff through miles of thickly wooded jungles and find the missing child.

The 20-month-old boy wandered into the woods unnoticed hours earlier. An older sibling was supposed to be keeping an eye on him, but failed to recognize that the boy had gone missing in the woods. Once the Corpo de Bombeiros Militar were called, a full-on search was launched.

The degree of difficulty was incredibly high. Without knowing exactly what direction the toddler went, or how long he’d been missing, it was difficult to say where he was. Hours of searching proved fruitless, and the search and rescue team knew they needed to find a different strategy.

That’s when they called Luke the dog.

Luke searched for the toddler for all of 25 minutes before picking up the scent. From there, it was a straight shot and the child was safely in the arms of the rescue team within seconds. The final thrilling moments of the rescue effort were caught on camera and posted on Facebook on October 25.

The rescue team cheered, posed for pictures, and poured love and praise on Luke for a job well done.

Rescuers rushed to the missing boy, picking him up and celebrating that he had been found alive. It was just another day at the office for Brazil’s pup of the day!

The little boy’s family is no doubt breathing a major sigh of relief. Nothing is worse than the fear of losing a child, and for several hours, they had to sit idly by while search and rescue teams did their best to find what amounted to a needle in a haystack.

Luke is also clearly happy to have found the baby, as he’s noticeably panting, wagging his tail, and loving every second of the love he’s getting from the team!

The toddler was found with a few minor cuts and scrapes, but was in good health otherwise. He is lucky to have evaded any serious injuries or bites from wild animals in the woods. If Luke hadn’t found him before nightfall, the outlook would have been far more grim.

Watch the video below:

Final FelizVídeo mostra o exato momento em que a criança de um ano e meio que estava desaparecida na mata é encontrada pelo cão Luck do Corpo de Bombeiros de Uberaba.

Posted by Folha Uberaba on Wednesday, October 25, 2017