He’s been called the worst father in the world—but then his latest picture revealed the truth

August 21, 2017 7:39 pm Last Updated: April 11, 2018 4:40 pm


If you are ready for a laugh, Andreas Miezans and his baby boy Oscar are ready to give you a good one!

Miezans, from Tønsberg, Norway, is delivering humor to the internet with a creative set of photoshopped images that are sure to have you amused and entertained. The photos may even remind parents that sometimes they may look or feel a little inadequate, but it could always be worse!

Dad was inspired while staying home with the baby.

Photo Credit: Andreas Miezans

In Norway, parents get ten weeks of baby leave, and Andreas added four more to his schedule to spend time with his new son and family.

Knowing one can only change so many diapers or go on so many stroller excursions, Miezans decided to create some long-lasting memories for himself, his son, his family, and as it turns out, a good portion of social media consumers.

Well, this is fun!

Photo Credit: Andreas Miezans

So what does a new father do to create such a stir on the internet, while also having some of the most cherished time of his life with his new little partner in crime?

Miezans used his skills as a funny guy and master photographer to photoshop his little boy into some pretty hilarious displays of satirical “bad father” circumstances, of course!

Parody parenting is good parenting!

Photo Credit: Andreas Miezans

“I’m really just trying to make a parody of myself as a father,” Miezans explained in a recent interview with Kk.

When the day comes that Oscar is old enough to understand just how brilliantly funny and talented his dad is, no doubt he will appreciate the hilarious situations his ingenious dad photoshopped him into.

It’s all about bonding.

Photo Credit: Andreas Miezans

Miezans explained that the idea started out as a simple way to bond with Oscar, and he had the notion in his head while Oscar was still just a twinkle in his mom and dad’s eye, long before his birth.

This dad just happens to enjoy taking pictures, and he knew how to combine his great sense of humor with his skills in photo editing.

Oscar loves it.

Photo Credit: Andreas Miezans

Two times every week, Oscar and his dad intentionally set out to record the comedic potential in any situation they may happen to find. Oscar is all in on the project, since he just loves spending time with his dad, and no doubt, the feeling is mutual.

Miezans’ social media followers never know what he will come up with next, and the surprise must be half of the fun!

No babies have been harmed in creating these photos.

Photo Credit: Andreas Miezans

The photos that Miezans creates may sometimes look like precarious, if not dangerous, scenarios. But rest assured, the only danger that could potentially result would be an overdose of laughter—it’s all photoshopped and done in good fun.

“Oscar has never been exposed to any danger,” Meizans said. “All the images of me and Oscar are taken separately and then cut together in Photoshop.”

Something different is something to smile about.

Photo Credit: Andreas Miezans

Some have praised Meizans for breaking the mold and adding a bit of stunning pizzaz and comedy to what otherwise is a virtual sea of baby-parent photos flooding social media. One can only handle so many images of diaper changes, first steps, and cuddly moments, after all.

“These pictures are ironically meant,” says Meizans. “We have many wonderful moments together.”

Thanks for putting a smile on our face and a heartwarming chuckle in our day. We could use a few more like you and Oscar in this world!


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