This dad busts out the dance moves for his baby

August 7, 2017 9:01 am Last Updated: August 7, 2017 9:01 am


Clean the house? Nope! Fix the leaky faucet? Nope! Get caught up with the laundry? Nope! Strap your baby in with a front-loafer and record yourself teaching them how to bust out the moves? Yep!

It’s all about priorities.

Let’s face it, the chances of bonding over the fixing of a leaky faucet with anyone under the age of 4 is pretty unlikely. And this little one will never grow up to be the next Madonna or Justin Timberlake without a little practice. I mean, it isn’t going to happen all by itself! This proud papa understands that perfectly. So when he and his baby are left to themselves, the priority list is put into its proper perspective, just add music!

The history of “Daddy/Baby Dancing”

Make no mistake, fathers puppet-dancing with their babies is nothing new. Prehistoric cave men would carefully etch out hieroglyphics of specific dance moves for their sons and daughters on the wall of their cave. Of course, at that point of human development, they had no clue that their babies didn’t understand a single chalky image the inscribed. Nor did they hesitate when their cave spouse arrived home to a messy pile of loin cloths and angrily shouted at them for writing on the wall.

Dad, without hesitation, would almost always blame the nearly non-communicative baby.

Step 1 – Safety First

Our staff of expert fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, etc… has developed their own DIY Baby/Daddy Dancing instructions. You’re welcome. Believe it or not, there is a method to this adorable madness, but before any of the fun can be had, you must take precautions.

Before securely mounting the baby into the front-carrying baby pouch, check and double-check that all straps and buckles are working properly. It never hurts to do a quick Google search to see if your brand of baby pouch is on a recall list, but we’ll leave that extra precautionary call up to you.

Step 2 – Insert Baby


Be careful here. Most babies haven’t gained much control over their dangling legs and tiny feet yet. They can get caught up in the pouch mechanisms resulting in a crabby disposition (on the part of the daddy and the baby) and ruin the chance of any dancing or bonding that was planned.

Step Three – Smooth Surface

Find a smooth surface that works for your height. A kitchen counter, as shown in the video, usually works nice. However, if there are too many dirty dishes in the way, you might have to resort to a wooden floor or a large, Teflon, non-stick skillet (unplugged and away from any heat source, of course).

Step Four – Smooth Moves

This is your chance to shine as a parent.

If you already have some kick-butt moves or you already have made it through the first round of “So You Think You Can Dance,” you’re all set. If neither of those applies, or if the last time you danced was when you were more than a little tipsy at a wedding reception, we highly recommend you put the baby down for a nap or go for a walk instead. After you’ve had a chance to look up and watch some YouTube footage of Soul Train, the popular 1970s pop dance television show, or dance Party USA (1986-1992), feel free to try again, starting with step one.


Step Four – The Fist Bump

It’s important to encourage your budding little Michael or Janet Jackson with positive reinforcement. many dads prefer to take the opportunity to teach their kids the classic fist bump, but how you reward your own children may differ. Enjoy!