This dad and daughter found a fun and hilarious way to yank her loose tooth out

September 12, 2017 2:39 pm Last Updated: September 12, 2017 2:39 pm


Losing a tooth is a rite of passage for any child and can be an exciting experience. Every family has their go-to method for yanking the tooth out—floss, tying a string to a doorknob and slamming the door, good ol’ fashion wiggling, etc.

But one family took tooth-pulling to the extreme.

Some kids are afraid of having their tooth pulled out, but not Kora, this adventurous 4-year-old, who agreed to a pretty unusual method of extraction.

They decided on a bow and arrow.

(Kora the Explora/Screenshot)

No, they weren’t going to fire the arrow at her teeth—they tied the tooth to string, which was tied to an arrow, which was about to be shot out of a decent-looking bow.

It was a fitting choice for Kora, who, according to the info section of her YouTube video, has been practicing archery since she was 2.

So, the fearless Kora awesomely agreed to fire an arrow with her tooth attached.

(Kora the Explora/Screenshot)

Unfortunately, Kora was unable to get enough force with her toy bow to yank the tooth.

So, her dad stepped in instead.

(Kora the Explora/Screenshot)

And…out it went!

(Kora the Explora/Screenshot)

It’s a very cool, memorable way to lose a tooth. But, for the four-year-old, it wasn’t without its downside.

The tooth was lost somewhere in the grass, which, naturally, caused some worry that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t be able to get it and exchange it for cash.

Kora also made a video apology to the fairy.

(Kora the Explora/Screenshot)

“Hello, tooth fairy, I’m so sorry,” Kora says. “Daddy pulled it out with the bow and arrow so it’s on the ground somewhere but you can find it when it’s nighttime. I’m so, so, so sorry!”

Luckily, it seems that the Tooth Fairy was able to find it, and according to the info section left Kora $20. (Wow, so much for the days of getting quarters!)

But more importantly, she gained a hilarious childhood memory that she’ll always be able to keep.

Watch the video below (warning—some blood is visible):