This autistic boy had a special hat from his late stepdad. When it went missing, the internet stepped up

December 6, 2017 6:07 pm Last Updated: December 6, 2017 6:07 pm

Do you have a prized possession? Something that you’d be devastated to lose? Maybe it’s a toy you’ve had since you were a child, photos from a time long passed, or something handed down by someone close to you.

For 12-year-old Colin Haas from Frackville, Pennsylvania, his most prized possession is a hat given to him by his stepfather, Scott.

(Photo courtesy of Megan Griffin Haas)

Colin has autism, making social interactions more difficult for him. Nevertheless, he and Scott were able to find plenty of common ground. They both loved music, especially the band Weezer.

Scott had a Weezer beanie that he wore all the time, but Colin would often take it from him and wear it too.

So, when Scott passed away from a brain aneurysm in 2014, Colin hoped to hold onto that beanie for the rest of his life.

Photo courtesy of Megan Griffin Haas

When he and his mother Megan, moved into a new house in 2015, Scott’s beanie got lost.

“I believe that it was mistakenly put into the donation boxes,” Megan told Scary Mommy.

Thus began the mother’s years-long search for the beanie. The original hat was nowhere to be found, but she hoped she could at least get a replacement. Unfortunately, the hat had been discontinued.

She decided to follow a friend’s advice and turn to Facebook for help.

“I wanted to see if any locals had come across it in thrift stores or sales sites, since we believe it was donated,” Megan explained.

People from all around the globe saw her post. Many strangers came forward, assisting Megan in the search. Some even offered to make a replacement hat themselves.

“[That] in itself would have been enough for Colin,” Megan said. “Just knowing that people from all over the world were trying to help.”

Yet, when members of a Weezer fan club came across the post, Megan and Colin got the surprise of a lifetime. They assembled a care package for Colin full of Weezer memorabilia, including the same exact beanie that Scott used to wear.

(Photo courtesy of Megan Griffin Haas)

Colin’s reaction was captured live on camera.


“I was crying behind the camera,” Megan told PA Homepage. “I’m just watching him as his eyes light up, and it was amazing to watch!”

Colin was extremely grateful for this kind act. “I thought it was very heartwarming. I just want to thank everyone who came together and did this for me!” he said.


Megan has always tried instill this sense of appreciation and gratitude in her children.

“You do good things, spread love into the world, and it will come back ten fold,” she told Scary Mommy. “I just want people to realize that with everything going on in the world today not to lose hope in humanity.”

Weezer Fan Club surprises Schuylkill County boy

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