This 2-year-old has an early start on her flamenco dancing – very cute!

May 22, 2017 9:30 pm Last Updated: May 22, 2017 9:30 pm

Got shoes? Check! Got cute little dress? Check! Got a mirror? Check! It looks like you are all set to practice a little Flamenco dancing!

But wait! You need one more thing: An adorable two-year-old girl with a flamenco dancing soul. Check! Watch this little one give the attitude, rhythm, and spirit every Flamenco dancer strives for.


Flamenco is a Spanish art form made up of three parts: guitar playing (“guitarra”), song (“cante”), and and dance (“baile”). Flamenco originated in the southern regions of Spain, but it’s thought to be influenced by many world cultures, including Latin American, Cuban, and Jewish traditions.

Originally, flamenco dancing wasn’t set to music; only clapping and singing “toque de palmas.” Today, you will still find some of those traditions that were a part of the origins of this dancing, but it is much more likely that you will see flamenco using the elements that it has grown into. like the use of guitars and other musical instruments.

Traditionally, flamenco dancers rarely have any formal training in the art form. Flamenco, like other fine arts that have been around for centuries, was passed down from one generation to the next by relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Not so anymore. Most are trained professionally this day in age. Flamenco dancing can be entertaining, comforting, emotional, or romantic. Like other art forms, flamenco dancing uses the body and facial expressions accompanied by clapping, snapping, and kicking. Of course, those familiar with this style of dance know that castanets and another small percussion instruments


Credit: Caters News Agency