They were planning to give up family dog for adoption—so when he bites Mom, she’s shocked. Then she realizes what he’s trying to communicate

August 22, 2017 10:57 am Last Updated: November 27, 2017 4:58 pm

They say that life does not give second chances but this is not true for this family and their pet dog as they both experienced a second lease at life.

Nola and Richard Davis from Vancouver, Washington adopted Patch as a puppy from its previous owner. The kids, Andrew and Clara, were so excited when they saw him in their parent’s car and since then they all fell in love with him.

Patch quickly adjusted to his new family and is a very happy dog and very playful but there is one thing that he did not like—and that was water and taking baths.

“He did not like water and he didn’t like getting in the bath tub or in the bathroom taking baths because that’s where we gave him showers,” shared Andrew.

Patch has been giving so much joy to the Davis family most especially to Andrew who is truly Patch’s best friend. But all good things sadly must come to an end. As the years passed by, Patch grew bigger.

“As Patch started growing, we realized that maybe we made a mistake because he’s gonna be a big dog and the house is an awful small house,” said Nola.

Andrew added, “We didn’t have a big yard and didn’t have a place for Patch to stay.”

The Davis family lived in a very modest home and they had a very small yard which was not suited for a large dog. Since Patch was getting bigger and bigger, they had no choice but to give him away or have him adopted. Because of this, they had a family discussion and told everyone in the family that Patch had to go.

It was a very hard decision for the whole family—and moreso for Andrew who didn’t want to lose his best friend. He told his parents that he didn’t want to give up Patch and that he would do everything he could to stop them from giving him away.

“I said no,” Andrew said. He didn’t care if he had to build a fence or something big, he would do it.

The parents knew Andrew was hurt by the decision, so they decided to give it more time.

Little did they know that fate would have a hand in their decision.

It was the day of Nola and Richard’s 14th wedding anniversary, the kids were in school, and Richard was at work. Nola was home alone with just Patch for companion when she decided to take a bath. Lying in the bath tub and listening to music, she was oblivious to any noise.

Suddenly, the sight of Patch rushing in the bathroom startled Nola, “I jumped because he was in the bathroom—he doesn’t like the bathroom.”

What Patch did next was so surprising, he grabbed Nola’s wrist using his mouth but not in a biting way and pulled her out of the tub. Nola was very curious as to what was bothering Patch for him to forget that the bathroom is his greatest fear.

What Patch did next was so surprising—he bit around Nola’s wrist and pulled her out of the tub. Nola was less stunned by the fact that Patch was grabbing at her than what bothered him so much for him to forget his greatest fear.

Nora got out of the tub and put on her bathrobe.

And when she opened the door, she found the house engulfed in flames. Now she knew why Patch was so serious about getting her out of the tub.

“He held on to me and he would turn and make sure I ran in to his back end before he would go any further,” she said.

Patch guided Nola out of the house amidst the smoke and flames to the front yard unscathed. But this was not to be the last of Patch’s heroic deeds for that day because Nola was about to do something that would make Patch save her a second time around.

“Our car was parked right up against the house, my first thoughts were oh my goodness, it’s going to blow up!” said Nola.

She ran back in to get her car keys to move the car and Patch was soon in front of her pushing her back out. And just as Patch and Nola got to the front yard, the house exploded.

Patch was not just once but twice a hero that day. He saved the life of Nola because of his bravery and the family will be forever grateful. Patch still lives with the Davises in their new home in Montana, where he has a very large space to run around.

The American Red Cross even awarded Patch with a hero’s medal for exceptional bravery.

Truly a dog is man’s best friend and they will surely do anything for their human in the name of love and loyalty. Way to go Patch! No longer afraid of water!

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